By not tilling our soils we are able to preserve the organic matter within them and protect important microbial life that is vital in growing tasty and nutrient rich veggies


Adhering to organic guidelines not only keeps our veggies chemical free, but also our environment. In using the earth as the medium for our work we recognize we are disrupting natural ecology. It is important to us to protect the ecosystem we rely so heavily upon to support us as we grow food for our community.


We insist that nobody is merely a consumer, and invite you into all stages of the food-growing process. From field days and potlucks, to discussions on seed-saving or fermentation, we encourage you to ask for what you want to see, and let us know if you’d like to host or volunteer.


To us, an equitable food system means that fresh food should be available and affordable to all, while upholding and respecting the value of food and food workers.

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