New Season Newly Weds

Hello sweet friends!

I am writing to you all with an overdue update an some special content we have been excited to share!

Firstly, I hope everyone has been enjoying some much needed liberation, celebration and sunshine in this new season we are all stepping back into.

Since our move up to Catskill we have been very busy getting to know our new community, connecting with our new team and settling into this new management role we’ve take on together. While there are certainly some things and many people we miss about running our own farm and business we are loving the balance, freedom, resources, security and support that come with growing in a team environment and are feeling like we are right where we’re supposed to be.

Because we’re now growing food in the Village (proper) of Catskill we’ve run into some unique new challenges like…unhappy neighbors, red tape from the city and and general uneasiness from such visible change. It’s a big shift for us coming from such a loving family of supportive CSA members but we’re working on putting in the effort and building the trust of this new community and are hopeful that the delicious and nutritious veggies we’ll be hauling in will support that. It’s hard to believe anyone could take issue with such work but it’s been a good opportunity to slow down and think about where folks come from and how we all operate, what uniquely motivates people and examining how we all exist in this world together. All of that said – it’s a new adventure we’re finding a lot of joy in and has presented many opportunities to grow both inside and outside of our craft.

Speaking of new adventures – we did the thing you all knew was on the horizon. Last month we finally tied the knot! Between our move, new job transition and starting the season, April 24th came so quickly! We’re feeling so blessed to say the day was perfect – weather was beautiful, we were surrounded by a small group of our closest people, were married by our good friend Sam and sealed the deal in the very place where we fell in love. Enjoy some of these photos from the day -we feel so grateful to have such special and loving community to share this news with. Thank you all for the support you’ve shown us on this journey.

We’d love to catch up with all of you – do reach out and let us know how you’re doing, staying fed and embracing this new season! And absolutely drop us a line if you’re heading up to these Catskill Mountains! Sending so much love to y’all!

Thanks for still being here

❤ AL

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