A New Frontier

Hello my dearest veggie eaters!

I’m writing you today with a long impending update!

About two months ago, at the height of my winter-time land prospecting despair, I happened across an opportunity on a land matching website calling out for a market gardener with no-till know-how, the desire to build community, and be part of something awesome. Located an hour north in Catskill, NY, I had never heard of the farm before, but the nuts and bolts of the mission hit home with us and I put our resumes out there for the taking – with the *query of how a team of farmers might support the work at this farm.

As timing would have it, these folks had almost given up on finding their growers for the season – after a few exciting conversations about how we might all fit together, we were pumped to be invited on board here at what is currently called SpringRise Farm. We are the site’s lead veg growers on our small plot of land (less than an acre) for this first full fledged production year and will be putting plans together for the farm’s growth as we discover how to best expand for the seasons ahead.

So far, we are digging Catskill- it feels like a really magical place that still holds some mystery and charm being 2 hours away from NYC. As for the job, there is so much about this opportunity we are looking forward to but the overarching hallelujah moment has come from the relationships we are already feeling comfort in. The environment here is full of respect and joy and the support we feel from our team is abundant. We are approaching this season feeling incredibly valued and cared for and we can’t wait to see what kind of magic that sparks!

I cannot express the gratitude I feel for all of the love we have received from you all during this anthology of uncertainty. In this support and through our sharing of food, you have changed our lives. We love you all so much and are hopeful you have found nourishment for the season ahead. If you are up in our new neck of the woods – please please give us a shout.

Keep following our journey on this wild farmy adventure and stay in touch! I will be less tied to our Second Wind accounts moving forward, but give us a follow on Instagram @grow_al_veg (updated from our @secondwindcsa handle) or shoot me an email at leslielewis.90@gmail.com.

Big love, thanks for being here!

❤ AL

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