Happy Holidays from your Farmers

Hello everyone!

With the holidays here and the new year upon us, I thought it a great time to drop you all a line to say a few little things!

The first being how incredibly loved and cherished you all made us feel at our farewell distribution. Anthony and I have spent many days since talking about how lucky we are to have been able to farm for such a tremendously generous and thoughtful group of folks. It was a beautiful sentiment to kick-start our attitude of gratitude for this holiday season. We so hope you all were able to enjoy the last share – maybe even some roots are still hanging out in your veggie drawer for winter meals ahead!

No major breakthroughs on our end for the season ahead. We have a possibility on the horizon that would provide us the opportunity to help build a farm from the ground up, develop the systems there within and run it as our own. Being that the project is in its early days and the financing of it is out of our hands, it’s a bit of a wait and see situation – but we are remaining hopeful to hear of progress on the timeline before spring. That being said, it is somewhat compulsory for folks like us to keep moving for the sake of survival. Of course, we have seen and explored some wonderful opportunities to take on farming roles elsewhere next season. However, regardless of how great the opportunities are, I’ve recognized that a lot of the driving motivators come from a place of “should” and the looming scarcity mindset – which is a dangerous lie I’m constantly working to step away from. We’ve certainly had to take time to think about where we are at in our life and our personal goals and recognize the value of making intentional decisions that center on bringing us closer to those. Sometimes, it’s about staying still for a moment to move forward in good time instead of moving linearly right now just for the sake of moving. Of course, there’s always the chance that we miss an opportunity, and things don’t work out – but there’s likely a new path that forms following that – especially when you’re filled with passion and tenacity! Anyways, to be honest, after the year we’ve all had, and the season we just conquered – stillness isn’t so bad for right now.

We’ve been passing the days quarantining for a holiday visit with Anthony’s mother on Cape Cod – for which we are grateful to have the privilege and lifestyle that enables. that. These days have been lined with holiday spirit – watching all of the best Christmas movies, my favorite being Christmas Vacation…Anthony’s being Die Hard. We chopped down a tree to decorate, made some wreaths, have been enjoying a lot of soups and baking a mountain of cookies to share with neighbors. I’ve also been grateful to catch up on some farm reading/research and finally cracked open my copy of Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat which, by the way, would make a fantastic gift for anyone in your life that loves food and cooking!

I have been so happy to hear from some of you since the close of the season and welcome all the emails and messages! Let us know how things are going, if we can provide you any support, and share with us how you’re getting through this strange season and keeping cheer in your lives. It’s wild to think about all that’s happened even since the last share – babies have been born to some of you, we’ve gotten our first big snow, and a vaccine has been approved! 2021 feels ripe for the collective healing we all need- in addition to our wedding in April, we’re certainly looking forward a spring free of the typical stress of the season.

Thanks for continuing to stay tuned in! Again, please don’t hesitate to reach out- we’re thinking of you all and sending the warmest wishes. I hope that the next time we cross paths I’ll be greeting you with a big hug!

Happy Holidays!

❤ AL

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