CSA Week 15: New Seasons and Familiar Flavors

Hey there friends!

I hope you all have had the absolute joy of savoring this glorious late summer weather we’ve had. I know we sure have – on farm and off we’ve been spending time outside, taking in deep breaths and feeling immense gratitude for the clean air that surrounds us as our friends and fellow farmers on the west coast endure the horrific conditions set forth by the raging fires in their communities…in their homes. We think of that home as it’s part of our home and carry with us the ecological accountability we all must take on and that we must hold the powers that be to… to protect this place that we inhabit, that supports us no matter how much we use and abuse her. As you have prayed for rain with us all season we pray for it again – that these changing seasons bring weather to aid these communities so that they find relief.

The changing seasons are surely bringing us some blessings. You may notice in your shares that the greens have sprung into their seasonal rebirth – lots of spinach, arugula, and lettuce ahead. Here’s what else you will be seeing!

  • Tomatoes
  • Summer Squash (last week maybe!)
  • Eggplant or Kale
  • Peppers
  • Chard
  • Carrots
  • Scallions
  • Salad Turnips – great raw in OR marinated in sesame oil/ginger and popped on the grill!
  • Salad mix
  • Spinach
  • Arugula
  • Cilantro/Dill/Parsley
  • Fennel leaf- EVERYONE’s FAVORITE 😉 but FOR REAL….try drying this bunch, hung up in a dry space for delicious hot tea over the winter that is full of health benefits!

Share Value Update

With this wild season, record keeping has slipped to the back-burner as we have been pivoting around the numerous challenges at hand. However, given this seasonal slow down, we (Anthony) have gotten the opportunity to somewhat catch up and see where we’re at on the share value spectrum! It feels so great to say that at week 11 (nearly half way through the season) our whole share value (the cost of what we have given out so far this year) at market price had reached $625 – that is to say that for folks who have paid the share minimum of $600, their paid share value has already been surpassed. We’ll have another update at season’s end – but know that we are well on our way passing up the max value as well!

Fall Flavors Ahead

As noted, greens are back at it. But we’re also busy in the field, bringing in potatoes and winter squash! All of this to say, savor the summer flavor because as sure as the temps have taken a shift so will the look of your plate! It’s a wild time to note when we stop looking at the expected high temperature and start getting weary of the nightly low! It was this week last year when our friends to the south in Orange County got their first frost. We’ve got our fingers crossed for a nice, long, mild fall – something’s gotta go right this season after all!

Exciting Horizon!

  • I’ve started my big flower drying project for the season with intentions to make some wreaths for the fall which will be available for pre-order and pick-up with the last Thanksgiving share.
  • We are hoping to start planning our end of year member appreciation gathering with the help from our friends and your fellow members at Willow Pond Sheep Farm in Gardiner who have graciously offered to host. I think this year we’ll aim for a combined gathering on a weekend afternoon – more details later!
  • We are SUPER excited to announce we finally have plans for our future….and….are….going… on vacation at the end of the month! HA, did I get you? – Not the big news you all were hoping for, but we are very much looking forward to a long weekend away at an off grid cottage in New Hampshire which we’re hoping will give us the rejuvenation we need to get some clarity on the decisions ahead.

That’s all for now sweet friends.

Thanks for being here!

❤ AL

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