CSA Week 6: Annual Lessons


Hello members!

We did it – all the cumulative wishes for rain brought us nearly 2.5 inches over 2 days! Giving us a nice 3 day window where we haven’t had to think about watering- YAY! While watering has been off of our plate, it’s still been plenty full with the ongoing list of summertime tasks – including the garlic harvest and curing debacle we are currently in the midst of! Last week we were able to harvest our hard-neck garlic before the weekend’s rain but our soft-neck stayed behind and got soaked – we were able to harvest it this morning and it’s now in the process of drying our in our greenhouse extension before we can hang it to cure, adding an extra step to the anthology of garlic processing! That’s what we’ve been up to so far today, as well as harvesting the remainder of our beautiful chioggia beets (the candy cane stripped ones) that will coming into your shares this week. Here’s what else you’ll be seeing!

  • Cucumbers
  • Summer Squash
  • Beets
  • Carrots
  • Kale
  • Chard
  • Salad Mix
  • Parsley or Fennel Leaf
  • Basil
  • Mini Lettuce
  • Yukina or Mustards
  • Celery or Cabbage
  • Radish


As you have all heard many times now and can assume, things around here are BUSY! There comes a point in the season every year where we have to surrender to the reality that our list will be indefinitely unfinished. It’s a moment that is initially filled with an overwhelming sense of anxiety but, after settling in and accepting what is, becomes quite liberating. This practice of acceptance – it’s so necessary in this work and is one of the reasons I first came to it. It’s yet another yin-yang of the farmer’s life: to be the type of person that can organize plan and execute for a productive season but then also learn to let go in those moments when the weather gets wild or the daylight runs out, knowing we’ve done all that we can with what we have. It’s an important lesson on the farm but also invaluable for navigating life in general. I’m grateful to be on a path that challenges me with this each season, keeping me humble and well practiced 🙂


Big thanks to our family of volunteers that came out to the farm on Saturday in the HOT HEAT to help me pull out some old turnips and yukina and weed a big section of the farm that made me sick to my stomach every time I looked at it. Feeling so grateful for the big hearts and helpful hands in our community. If you’d like to help out on the farm, our volunteer hours are on Satudays from 9-Noon – shoot me a text to let me know you are coming! (217-840-0683)

I forgot to take a before photo …but look at these nice clean beds!!!


It’s been so amazing to see the wonderful dishes you all have been serving up at home with the veggies you’ve gotten. It truly fills us up to see our little plants fulfilling their destiny on the tables of our members! It’s also so inspiring. I enjoy cooking so much and over the winter do it a lot, however, the reality of the season is that we are constantly tired and hungry and so (while it’s painful to admit) we often find ourselves at the mercy of raw veggies, rice and beans, and frozen pizza. So, while we don’t always have the time to enjoy the bounty how we hoped, seeing such inspiration from you all feeds us well. Thank you to all who share with us!


  • Pick-your-own flowers are open for snipping on farm. We have scissors we can sanitize but we strongly urge you to bring your own! Be mindful about your haul for your fellow members – if it’s too much for one hand it’s more than your share : )
  • If you forgot to bring boxes back last week but want to return them – no worries, we’ll take them back again in a few weeks. Just read the blog to get a heads up!
  • Lots of love for the Sheep’s Milk yogurt from our friends and fellow CSA members at Willow Pond. We’ll be selling it again this week by the jar at pick-up ($6/ 8oz.) and will then be offering it as a pre-paid add on for the rest of the season.

Thanks for being here y’all!

❤ AL

217-840-0683 (Leslie)

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