CSA Week 5: Taps-Aff and Boxes Back!

Hello friends and welcome to July!

My word, we have some real summer days ahead of us and, in Scotland (as my friend abroad told me) it would b called “taps-aff” weather – which literally translates to tops off…meaning its HOT! But for us tops off means a little something different this week! You’ll be seeing a lot of veggies without their tops in your share: beets, carrots, and turnips! We’ve reached a point in the season where the greens are starting to loose their lushness so by chopping the tops we’re beautifying and saving time during harvest! Here’ what else you can expect to see this week:

  • Snap Peas
  • Summer Squash
  • Bunching Onions
  • Fennel Bulbs (last time!)
  • Kohlrabi (last time!)
  • Carrots
  • Chard or Kale
  • Salad Mix
  • Mini Lettuce Heads
  • Cukes
  • Yukina
  • Fennel/Dill/Parsley
  • Beets
  • Basil
  • Turnips
  • Cabbage


2:30 start has been pushed back to 3 indefinitely – these few extra minutes will help us feel more organized before pick-up starts! Thanks for understanding 🙂


We are so excited to have yogurt available for purchase this week from our sweet friends and your fellow members Carrie and Brent of Willow Pond Sheep Farm right here in Gardiner. This weekend they passed through with a few samples for us and let me tell you guys…this stuff is so yummy! We’ll be selling 8oz jars for $6 each – cash or check only. Following this week, we will make an offer to prepay for weekly pick-up – similar to how the eggs add-on works!


This is a note for Garrison/Beacon members. Thanks for your patience! We are now prepared and able to take back your wax boxes if you have been holding on to them. We just ask that you rid them of any plant matter and break them down for us! We’ll plan to let them sit for a few weeks, allowing any germs upon them to perish before bringing them back into rotation!


An email went out over the weekend about the opportunity to volunteer on the farm! We are creating standing open “volunteer hours” for Saturdays from 9-Noon for the remainder of the season. Give us a shout if you think you might want to drop by and get your hands dirty with your farmers – many hands make light work around here and we are always happy to have a few!


It’s no secret around here that we are stepping into peak season. After our weekly field walk yesterday, we took a look at our lengthy task list and felt ourselves slipping slowly into despair. It just always feels like so much when you look at it on the paper like that. But it’s important for us to make note of what we’ve accomplished so far and recall that we chose this life because we love it and we are more than capable of getting things done. It’s also so vital for us to remember – especially as these hot days knock us out, to care for ourselves and although we may not get completely through the week’s work – that we still deserve our one day off each week. This is a measure to preserve our love for this work, to avoid burn out, so that we can keep on this journey we’ve chosen.

So, as we forward on through this sweltering week ahead and continue to pray for more rain we look ahead at what we’ve got to tackle. This week it’s a lot of direct seeing, potting up and transplanting a heap of fall crops, pulling out more spring crops, fruiting crop harvests, move around irrigation, hill potatoes, squish pests, weed, thin, weed, and the list…it goes on!

Thank you all for being here as another wild week passes us by! We are so grateful for the love and support we have been feeling.

Stay cool out there friends!

❤ AL

217-840-0683 (Leslie)

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