Week 2: Making up for lost time!


Hey there friends!

Firstly – a big shout out to all the love and gratitude we have been feeling coming off of the first CSA week. You all are just the best!

Just a little beauty shot of last week’s share ❤

I hope those of you who picked up last week have been making your way hastily (and happily) through your share as we are coming through this week with a whole lot more love for your tummies and fridge space 🙂


We’ve got some new friends joining the ranks this week including Anthony’s most favorite snack: kohlrabi. Referred to by some, so appropriately, as a ‘cabbage turnip’ this delicious cousin of broccoli and kale brings that sweet brassica flavor with the crispness of an apple to the family. Peel these guys up, slice and serve with hummus or chop and mix to make a tasty slaw!

Here’s a few more things you might find in your share:

  • Green garlic
  • Garlic scapes
  • Scallions
  • Kale
  • Dandelion greens
  • Salanova mix
  • Radish
  • Salad turnip
  • Bok choy
  • Lettuce heads -mini and full
  • Spinach
  • Arugula
  • Fennel Leaf or Dill
  • Braising Mix
  • Mustard greens or Chinese broccoli

Another massive haul will be calling on you guys to get creative with your dishes. Don’t forget to use THIS CSA GUIDE from the CSA Coalition to learn more about the veg in your share. A few suggestions I have:

  • LOTS OF GARLIC: +Olive oil, Lemon Juice, Salt&Pepper. Make a sauce, put it in a jar throw it in the fridge use it in eggs, on toast, in pasta, on salads all week long!
  • TOO MANY GREENS? : Chop those up, toss em in a ziplock bag and stash em in the freezer for future smoothies, pastas, soups, and etc.
  • DANDELIONS: these guys are so packed with nutrients but very BITTER – if you have an aversion to that, definitely blanch or sautee before consuming.
  • MUSTARD GREENS: these babies are SPICY HOT – cooking/braising softens up the spice and makes for a super flavorful side dish!
  • Eat your Lettuce heads first – they are the most delicate and have the shortest storage life!


Last week’s harvest got us in a tizzy – it seems we’ve forgotten what it feels like to fall behind on the task list! We spent most of the weekend at the farm getting back on top of weeds that came to life after last Thursday’s mid-morning down pour. While we were glad to see the rain after what has been a very dry few weeks, it definitely got our hustle on. In addition to weeding, we hopped on the task of putting in the tomato and cucumber trellises as our plants are happily chugging along AND we got our hands dirty squishing the eggs and larvae of the dreaded Colorado Potato Beetle that just seems to live on our farm indefinitely now. These chunky guys snack on our potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants – you can imagine that giving them a squeeze has a pretty nasty result…that’s organic farming for ya baby. This is something we’ll have to do a few times this season…let me know if you’re up for volunteering 😉


We are so excited to welcome a new team member to the farm this week. Davida is joining us on harvest days to help us hustle through this new packing circus and a bit on the weekend to play catch up on weeds. A very cool human, recently relocated from Montclair, NJ, she is heading in to her gap year after graduating high school and looking forward getting her feet wet in the farming world before embarking on some domestic WWOOFing adventures! You may see her bopping around distribution so please do say hello and know she is supporting us in growing your food and we are so grateful.

Additionally, I have had a few notes on pick-up procedure. YOU ALL DID GREAT! Thanks for wearing your masks, staying distant and being, in general, just very awesome! I have had a few inquiries about exchanging/returning and reusing packaging. I hear you all and I love it. We are all about reducing our footprint in every way. However, given the pandemic, the new liabilities and operations at the farm – it makes it really difficult for us to do this. It’s a procedure that we don’t have hammered out yet and are not fully capable of taking on right now. What I can offer up is a future opportunity. If you break down your boxes, bags, etc. and store them until we have the capacity to take them back and sanitize them – we will do this. It might be in a few weeks or it might be at the end of the season. Let me know how you feel about this if it has been a concern!

That’s it for now – stay well everyone, looking forward to seeing ya’ll tomorrow!

❤ AL

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