Hello all!

While there is a lot to say about veggies right now (they are growing and looking so good!) I will save most of this content for the weekly Monday blog that will start next week as we hit Week 1 of the CSA – YAY!!


Because things are so heavy right now I just wanted to share some photos of the abundance that is ahead to bring some light into our worlds:

Above: Mustard Greens, Lettuce Heads, Pea Shoots, Spinach, Bok Choy

Below: Our Salanova (cutting lettuce) line-up that will come to you as salad mix!

Although we pushed back the CSA a week, we did see some veggies hitting their stride last week. This would typically be a loss we would suffer. Fortunately, this year- in the wake of COVID’s impact on food access, we have had the opportunity to partner with Glynwood Center, The Newburgh Urban Farm and other groups in the Newburgh food access community to deliver $1,500 worth of fresh food to folks in need over the course of the season. On Tuesday we harvested Lettuce Heads, Bok Choy, and Mustard Greens that are now nourishing families in the Newburgh community.


  • Unless otherwise discussed, full payment is due by or on first pick-up – get in touch with me if you need information on your balance.
  • If you are a HALF SHARE member and are unsure when your first pick-up day is please reach out.
  • Come to your chosen pick-up location during the designated pick-up window
  • If picking up at the farm, parking will be alongside the white barn.
  • Please wear a mask and give your fellow members plenty of space
  • I will ask you your choice on any option items and place them in your box
  • I will ask you if you’d like any swaps and make the swap for you
  • Go home, eat good food, be nourished 🙂
  • Please review our missed pick-up policy HERE if you haven’t yet!


I was reading a post from a fellow farmer friend this week where she expressed that as farmers we work in a delicate ecosystem in which if one piece of life is not cared for, the rest will suffer. This is a value I stand upon here on the farm and in the world. I believed that we need to do better to see that our people- right now, especially our black and brown communities, are being heard and cared for. I had a conversation this week with a friend where I noted, “the world is shit right now” and she responded to me, “certainly a lot is converging.” Just because things feel really heavy does not mean we should despair – I feel we are at the apex of an important moment and it’s my hope that we have all chosen to recognize or at least question our place in it. I believe this is the first step on the path toward making this world a more nourishing place for us all to live in. If you are white person looking for your place in this all – whether that be educating ourselves, signing petitions, donating funds, here is a link that provides some support:

I recognize that this is hard stuff to talk about and that folks may have differing opinions than I do – that will always be the way it is in this world, but I would certainly be remiss not to share these things that lay so heavily upon my heart with a community I love and trust so much.

We love you guys and are so looking forward to seeing you all starting next week!

❤ AL

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