Bitter Patience, Sweet Fruit

Hey there folks,

Before we get into veg talk, I firstly want to acknowledge how heavy the last few weeks have been for our nation. I hope you all have been taking care of yourselves and each other as we all navigate through this (continued but currently tremendously present) chaos together, working/praying/crying/screaming for a more just, unified and peaceful world. Know that I’m always here as your farmer, friend and fellow human to talk about the hard and hopeful stuff if you’re ever seeking it, even if you think we might have different opinions about it all.


As you all should have gotten word about, because of the mild spring weather we had, we are officially on a one week delay for our CSA start. Members who didn’t receive my email earlier this week about our delayed first pick up – don’t worry I am going to touch on it here – but please, definitely shoot me an email so I know I have your correct contact info on file!

Making this call was really tough, but we decided on the field walk, that if we didn’t think we’d have at least 6 items ready for CSA by next week we’d put a hold on it. Seeing as getting out and about puts everyone at risk these days, we wanted to make sure the haul would be completely worth it for everyone! Here are some things we saw on the field walk Monday morning that informed our decision…

In order: Bok Choy, Spicy Mix, Spinach, Arugula, Dill, Salad Turnips, and Kale.

Looking pretty eensie here, they’ve made so much progress this week thanks to those hot hot days we had! And while maybe a handful of these guys could be ready to go next week, we wanted to ease our stress and make a promise we knew we could deliver on – so you can look forward to an abundance of these tasty friends in your first share – now the second week of June!

Something more we wanted to note, as some of you may know, we do not use any high tunnels on our farm – meaning that we don’t grow field crops indoors/under cover. Many farms use this infrastructure to extend their seasons on either end – giving them a jump start getting seeds in the ground, ensuring an early CSA start or supporting their growing through the winter months. So, while you might be seeing other farms and CSAs delivering this next week – know that each farm varies in it’s opportunities, micro-climates, planting dates, etc!

We are so grateful for the trust you all put in us as we make the decisions about growing and distributing your food . It’s truly a responsibility I feel honored to have and is so empowering. Thank you so much for your constant and continued understanding and support, it’s a wonderful gift.

All this being said – we feel good about the decision, great about what’s ahead and grand about the work we put in this week. We got a TON of planting done, putting tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, and cukes all in the ground! We also got our first round of real cultivating in, as the rain and heat brought up some of our annual weedy friends.


Using the scuffle hoe and hori hori knife so much this week, I invited my seasonal blisters back. But no worries here, they’ll soon to be calluses, making the rest of the season a wee less painful. It’s wonderful this time of year, seeing the changes my body makes – the dirty fingernails, knees, and feet, the strength I see return to my arms and feeling in my legs, my hair lightening, the farmer’s tan that never really left completely, coming back to life. It’s in this body and in the dirt that I really feel like myself, I really feel at home and I am grateful to finally be back!

Thanks for staying in tune y’all – I’ll have more news next week with further updates on the progress of the crops and some more logistical nuts and bolts about the first CSA pick-up!

2 last reminders:

  • If you are a half-share member and didn’t get this weeks email about your pick-up group/dates reach out ASAP and I’ll clue you in!
  • If you have a balance left to pay it will be due by first pick-up, if you’re unsure what you owe shoot me an email inquiry!

Sending warmth and gratitude to you all!

❤ AL (Anthony and Leslie)

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