2 Weeks Notice!

Hey there dearest members and friends!

We are TWO WEEKS out from our anticipated first pick-up and I have important news…..

THINGS ARE FINALLY GROWING (yay!) and we are so happy!! Last weekend’s hot hot sun finally got those chilly roots and stems rocking and the plants are trying their darnedest to play catch up.


That being said, we still can’t be certain that we are on target for our first pick-up – we will release official news about the first pick up date on MONDAY THE 25th in a newsletter and also directly to your email we have on file! Thanks for bearing with us while we wait this out. Know that food is coming and the season will provide . I try my best to always learn from the plants and trust in the process – if they are asking us to wait we just have to grow with the flow and harvest when we are provided for. After all, that’s truly what eating seasonally is all about and these days the seasons change as mother nature sees fit – not as we always anticipate!

I will also be sending out emails to assign pick-up groups to half-shares THIS WEEK!

In terms of pick-up locations, we are still set with our sites and times. However there are a few things to be aware of…

HUDSON VALLEY BREWING: We are sad to say that due to COVID they have changed their hours and are no longer open on Thursdays. We will continue to hold pick-up in the lot of the brewery and are hopeful that they will eventually re-open on Thursdays at some point during the season. If you are currently set to pick-up here and have changed your mind after this news – let me know ASAP!

WINTER HILL: The leasing company at Winter Hill has asked us to move pick-up from the porch to the parking lot in order to avoid proximity and interaction with folks coming and going from the building. This could be a temporary measure – they will be in touch with us and only time will tell.

ON FARM: We currently have plans to set up outside the barn using our market tents – in the grassy area across from the barn.

ALL LOCATIONS: We ask that all members wear masks to pick-up, try their best to be brief (although we do love chatting with you all!!) and survey the area before approaching the pick-up – if it seems crowded, just wait a moment until it clears out a bit so that you can safely keep 6 ft apart. As noted before, we will be pre-boxing all shares so you pick-up will be grab and go style. We will check each member off and if you have eggs I will give them to you. When there are options to choose ‘this’ or ‘that’, we will have half of the shares with ‘this’ and half with ‘that’. If there are multiple ‘choice items’ we will do the same for all. For example, you could be choosing between a box with beets and parsley OR carrots and dill – we will do our best to keep this fair but we simply do not have the time to pack individualized shares for everyone! There will still be a swap box but each member is allowed only one swap per pick-up (to keep things moving) and we will make the swap for you before handing you your share. If you have any questions about these systems feel free to email me directly otherwise, I think that if we all work together to be patient and adaptable this will all be a breeze!

Please note that we have a MISSED PICK UP POLICY in place that you can review that HERE.


Okay now that we got all that business out of the way let me tell you about some fun stuff!

After a very long wait – thanks to the late frost and cold temps, we got some VERY eager seedlings into the ground this week!

Super leggy (tall) summer squash getting ready for transplant!

As you already know, we’ve been having quite the adventure trying to support the our little plants through the sunless, chilly days. We take the duty of getting food to y’all to heart and if that means tirelessly giving the plants a boost of nutrients one by one in the field (left pic) and running irrigation (right pic) so we can stick to schedule instead of letting the rainfall lead our planting plans we are doing it!

Here’s one happy Kohlrabi baby that particularly enjoyed the extra love and care!

This week we got a head start by getting some work done over the weekend and are feeling really happy about where we are at . A few little weeds are just starting to flex on us so we plan to finish up the week by getting after them and putting some of next week’s planned seeds in the ground ahead of the rain we are hoping for on Saturday. As for us, we are starting to remember what it feels like to be tired farmers, but are remembering to take time to marvel at the the farm coming to life around us and to recognize and appreciate that we are so lucky to be doing what we love, for a community we love, with the person we love. It feels good – I highly recommend taking a moment to find your gratitude, it makes these strange times we’re living in a bit more bearable.

Thanks for being here.

In gratitude and solidarity!

❤ AL (Leslie and Anthony)

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