What May May bring!

Hello Friends

I hope this blog finds you all well and nourished!

I’m writing to you from my kitchen table – watching the sky start to gray as our afternoon showers….and evening FLURRIES?!.. move in. What bizarre weather we have been experiencing this spring – lot’s of stopping and starting. It’s certainly given us our fair share of challenges as we try our best to protect and support our young plants on their journey to our first pick-up in LESS THAN A MONTH holy cow.


To be quite honest with you all, I am stressing. This is a stress I am familiar with. It comes every spring when we’ve gotten our members all signed up and excited for spring veggies, once we’ve successfully grown our plant babies in the green house and have set them out into the field to grow on their own with the natural elements – the elements we have no control over but we must put our trust in. These cold gray days we’ve been seeing, that so often come in the early spring don’t do much to support the life of our young plants. We do all we can… to warm them up with row cover, give them some extra nutrients when they need it, a little water if the rains haven’t come…but they NEED sun and warmth and so far, we’ve yet to see much of it. Luckily, this fruitless time in the ground hasn’t been all for nothing, they’ve been toughening up (or hardening off as we say) which will provide them resiliency as this INSANE May snow storm blows through tonight.

All of this to say, we’re on schedule for what we assumed to be a normal spring – but it’s not turning out to be so normal in any sense. If days warm after this snap, we should still be on track for pick-ups to start the first week of June. If days stay gray and growing slow, we may push our first pick-up back a week and extend the season by a week in the fall. No plans to do this yet – but it’s a thought in the wings that we don’t want to spring on anybody so we ask to please remain patient and flexible as the days ahead reveal themselves to us!

As a testament to our efforts – take a peek at our most recent farm update video!

Despite the MANY uncertainties (anybody else tired of that word yet?!) , we are still so excited to soon be seeing/meeting/feeding you all and we do find bliss on days of warmth, seeing lots of progress – these plants are clearly just yearning for a full-sun day!


In logistical news – I am working on getting pick-up dates out to those of you who have HALF SHARES. I will be splitting you all in to GROUP A or GROUP B with corresponding pick-up dates for each group – this will be done alphabetically, if you wish to switch groups after you are assigned just let me know. That info will be coming soon by email so do keep your eyes peeled!


In terms of pick-up procedures – we are planning to move ahead with pre-packing shares. Right now we have paper bags we will be using, but that may change as we trial the process and see what challenges arise. This will mean less contact and time at pick-up for everyone. For folks who pick-up on farm we will likely set up a tent outside for pick-up this season to prevent unnecessary traffic inside the barn. We may also ask folks to remain in their cars until the area is clear, creating a one at at time safe flow of traffic. We will have a formal protocol established and sent out prior to first pick-up – stay tuned.


I know times are rough, especially as the weather warms and the gaps between us and the ones we love continue to grow- I hope you are all finding ways to cultivate some joy and happiness where you can! I have been feeling particularly bummed lately because we are missing out on the time of year where we often have gatherings with fellow farmer friends for one last hurrah before the season consumes us all. Anthony and I decided to have a party anyway. We made a fire, roasted some weenies, talked about our hopes for the season and had some really good laughs – I find laughing to be so important these days, with everything so serious we must make light where we can!

I’ll also be missing out on the birth of my first nephew down in Charlotte, NC this week. As many of you know, my sister and I have been through a lot together and are very close – it’s crazy coming to terms with the fact I won’t be there on this day I always imagined I’d be part of. Luckily she’s a strong tough woman – but send some prayers or thoughts her way if you’re passing em out! I know many of us are missing out on special moments these days – to help cope with this sadness, I keep looking forward to the day I’ll get to hold him and the years down the road when I’ll get to tell him all about life during the great quarantine of 2020 – I think I’m going to make a great old lady some day.

By strong I mean she’s an elite athlete…and also a total badass who can handle anything!

To end on one last positive note… the NY primary is back on- Woohoo! Talk about democrazy! If you want to lift your voice and support an agenda that makes our planet a kinder more livable place to be while staying safe, APPLY FOR YOUR ABSENTEE BALLOT!

Stay safe out there friends- I’ll be in touch very soon with more info about first pick-up!

❤ AL (Anthony and Leslie)

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