Spring is still here and so are we!

Spring is here!.

I first typed happy spring but wasn’t sure it was an honest exclamation…

I hope we are all staying safe, staying home, and staying positive. I know the latter can be really tough as these days are truly weird, scary, stressful, and surreal.

While we are all handling a shift in our way of life on a personal level, we are doing our best to keep things on farm running full steam ahead and to inspire some hope by bringing visions of future foods to you all! We’ve been staying busy in the greenhouse and have some progress to share…

We feel more inspired than ever to be doing this work – we have always seen it as our calling, but it feels so powerful in this moment to provide security and nourishment to our community. We are here for you all – thank you for being here for us too.

As the sun is still shining, we’re still planting and food is growing – some things feel much the same as they were before COVID landed. However, a lot on farm is changing too. We are adjusting procedures, beefing up our sanitation protocols, and personal safety measures to keep our farm and your food safe. We are so happy to provide this security to you all but it is bringing in costs we weren’t prepared for taking on this season. We’ve started a GoFundMe for folks interested in or able to help us stock up on supplies for keeping things safe this season – more info HERE!

I also want to acknowledge that I understand that financial circumstances are shifting right now for many. If you have unexpectedly lost income and have already signed up for a share – do get in touch and we can talk about a payment plan that can work for you over the season as this crisis resolves. If you are someone who has been afforded the security of keeping a job and paycheck through all of this, know that if you choose to pay on the higher end of the sliding scale that you are helping to subsidize share cost for others – this supports both the farmers (us) and your fellow members.

Additionally, in case anyone missed it, this year we are offering 5 SNAP CSA shares – to be paid in weekly installments of $18 using a NYS Benefits card. Food access is SO IMPORTANT to us – always, but especially now. SNAP will be supporting more families than ever as unemployment rates rise to a record number. Proper nourishment plays a huge role in combating this virus -and all humans have a right to that! If you or someone you know would be interested in one of these shares please reach out and I can provide more details as to how this works. Additionally, if anyone is seeking to apply for SNAP benefits and needs support – I’m happy to lend a hand as I have navigated the system many times with others and for myself.

An added note on taking care of each other and ourselves – I had the opportunity to conference call with a very knowledgeable epidemiologist and doctor of integrative medicine last night. I wanted to share some of the valuable info I gleaned regarding homeopathic approaches to staying well right now in this time where it is often easy to feel helpless – please stay well!!! Use this link to view the document: Integrative Considerations for COVID-19

Finally – know that growing your own food is another way to stay nourished and resilient! Four Winds Farm will still have its seedling sale this year but it will be a little different. See info on that here: https://fourwindsfarmny.com/seedling-sale/ and join their mailing list for updates. While we are busy farming ourselves, remember that I am here for you as a resource for an at home garden – hit me up with your questions and ideas, I’d love to support you or connect you with a fellow member growing at home too!

Thank you all for being here with us on this journey during these wild times. Although things are rough right now, don’t forget, the world is still beautiful…a little reminder of that from our beautiful home, a day spent in the Gunks!

Sending love to you all!

❤ Leslie and Anthony

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