As Chaos Marches On: A Lesson on Community, Resilience, and Gratitude.

Hello friends,

I so hope this message finds you all well. As we are all witnessing and experiencing, this world has become saturated in fear and uncertainty over the past few weeks and I am sending this message out to you all as a buoy of hope, perhaps something to lean on and give you some security in these scary times. I’m here to tell you that while grocery stores have been ravaged and we all are stepping back from public spaces, your farmers are still here! – sewing the seeds of your future crop, tending and preparing land for planting, sending emails and tracking memberships as spring approaches and our community grows – your food is on the way and the sun is still here, giving it life!

Being part of our community and this local economy is what makes us resilient in these uncertain times and we are feeling tremendously lucky to have such an incredible group of humans standing beside us through all of this. Together we are taking care of each other and building a stronger future.

This pandemic has revealed so much to me about how our world works and what we have the ability to achieve. To see how action can occur on a large scale for the sake of national well-being – it’s becoming clear to me that the things we have constantly been told are not possible, truly are! It’s also proving to me what I’ve already learned well as a farmer and something that I constantly remind myself throughout the season: we as humans have been granted the beautiful gift of adaptation – which we must lean into to survive and to thrive really! I want to let you know that however this all might unfold, we are ready to adapt, we are thinking of you guys and will have a plan – even if that means we create a system of CSA home delivery. We need nourishment now more than ever (TIP: GARLIC AND BRASSICAS ARE ANTIVIRALS!) We just want you to know, that as you each pledge to have our backs every season – we will also have yours, we love you all!

A few notes to sprinkle in with this message:

We are slowly creeping towards our goal of 80 members for this season – only about 20 still to go! Because of the virus our annual CSA fair has been cancelled – we are bummed about this as we were really looking forward to connecting with folks and scooping up some new members. If you are feeling at all inspired to spread the word about this CSA we are would be sooo grateful. **As a bonus – if you recruit a new member, let us know and we’ll throw your name into a hat from which I’ll be drawing for an extra week of veggies, winner’s choice!**

Also – to help us out, the Hudson Valley CSA Coaltion is creating some content for us and would love our members intel to help them draw new folks in. If you’d like to help them (and us) out here’s a survey they are collecting: CSA COALITION SURVEY

Farmers Vera and Gordon at their no till farm Ten Mothers in Hillsborough, NC

We had a great visit down to North Carolina a few weeks ago, just before the virus broke out. We spent some good time catching up with my sisters and visiting some new farmer friends Ten Mothers Farm in Hillsbourough. These folks made an educational trip to Four Winds Farm back when they first stated their planning in 2013 and are now applying no till practices to the heavy clay soils of the Piedmont region – it’s tricky work and we were so impressed and inspired.

Anthony and I started seeding last week and it feels SO GOOD! So far we’ve got our onions, parsley, cabbage, and chard started. I also got this season’s flowers going , all drying varieties this year for something fun in the fall…you’ll have to wait to hear more about that! We also spent the day today laying compost on the beds that will grow our tomatoes this season – and we are whooped! It’s hard getting the body going after a restful winter.

As a closing note, I hope those of us who are taking some time to step back and practice social distancing are also taking time to recognize the privilege that comes with that. Though some the measures that are being taken are sparking a lot of hope inside of me, it is impossible to ignore that these recent events are endorsing a vision of serious and achievable change that is needed for the future. There is a debate tonight that I think will provide more narrative on all of this – perhaps you’ll tune in and perhaps together we can work toward that change!

Take care of yourselves and take care of each other!

❤ Anthony and Leslie

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