Winter Update

We’ve made it to February – often the coldest month of the year, luckily it’s also the shortest!

January was quite the month – returning from our holiday travels I think we were both looking forward to slowing down our schedule and a indulging in a little r&r while we still can. We certainly did a bit of that – but truly January was not as restful as we had anticipated (as I’m learning it typically goes.)

But with all of that non-resting we did got quite a bit done!

We finished up our 2020 Crop Plan and opened up our CSA Enrollment – if you haven’t gotten to it yet, pop over to the CSA INFO PAGE and start that application! We chose to expand our membership this year and add a location for pick-up in Beacon, NY. Please do spread the word- we took a risk in making this decision and while feel confident and are so excited – we can’t help but have some nerves! We’re really counting on our community to lift us up and help us grow!

Celebrating the completed 2020 crop plan!

We’ve also been busy bees in our makeshift basement workshop where we have been working on building our very own germination chamber. What is this chamber you ask? Essentially, it’s a big ol’ insulated box with humidity and temperature control. We put freshly seeded trays in there – giving them ideal conditions for sprouting up strong and happy!

I’ve also been on the move chatting with a few local restaurants about buying in some of our veggies for the season. I’m really excited about one in particular – an awesome little spot in Newburgh called Mama Roux. Chef Matt Hutchins serves up some seriously delicious Southern style food – complete with a Fried Chicken menu. Check them out! The restaurant game is pretty competitive around here so we’re feeling lucky to have connected with those good folks!

The greenhouse has also been an amazing spot to escape to on cold sunny days – feels like our own tropical paradise!

On a personal note: I’ve been working to sell my car. Parting with my Subaru will be so so tough but it’s time I put on my farmer pants and join the truck club. This will seriously help us out in the summer when we gotta haul those tomatoes around- (man I CANNOT WAIT for tomato season!) All of this to say – if you or someone you know is in the market for a trusty Subie with a newly replaced timing belt OR if you know someone with a truck on the market -let ya farmer know!

We’ll be heading down to North Carolina at the end of the moth to visit my family and scope out the farm scene down South. We’re particularly excited about a visit to Ten Mother’s Farm – a no-till operation near Raleigh-Durham. The soil down south is mostly heavy clay and we’re excited to learn how no-till farming has been approached down there!

When we return we’ll be jumping into seeding, composting, organizing and really hitting the pavement to get our members locked in for this beautiful season ahead!

One last note – yesterday was Anthony’s birthday. Just gotta recognize that he’s truly the best and we are so lucky have him. Thanks for all you do – on the farm and in life!

Sending lots of love to you beautiful humans – can’t wait to see you this spring!

❤ AL (anthony & leslie)

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