2020 Shares are here!

HELLO ALL! I sent out an email to everyone, but I know that somehow I surely am missing some here and there – so to be safe I thought I’d put out a blog with all the same info for you guys!

I truly hope that everyone’s had a wonderful holiday season and welcomed in this new year with open hearts, happy spirits, and full bellies! 
We have taken a few weeks of much needed rest ourselves and spent some very important time catching up with the family and friends we sorely miss during our chaotic summer months.

But, alas, January has arrived and we are happy to report that we (mostly Anthony) are on top of this year’s plan to bring ya’ll a mountain of nourishment this year! Our crop planning is underway and we are ready for those membership forms to come our way! 
Some new things this year: 

  • We are so excited to announce that we are adding on a pick-up location in Beacon at the Hudson Valley Brewery. This will be on Thursdays from 4-7
  • Because of this, we are CHANGING the Garrison pick-up to Thursdays as well. Same time, same place! 
  • Gardiner pick-up will remain the same – however you can expect to see less of us between the hours of 2:30 – 4:30 as we’ll need more field time now that Sam gone!
  • We appreciate the feedback we got from your surveys and are doing out best to adjust our crops and plantings to meet those needs! 

SO …

  • HERE is the link to our online sign-up form (please send deposit by mail) OR
  • HERE is a printable copy of the membership form that you can mail in too! 

We will be opening up membership to the rest of the world in about a week – and will be getting the website updated with all of this new info in the meantime.

If there are any questions please feel free to email me directly or give me a call!
Warm wishes and hugs to all!

Leslie and Anthony
Second Wind CSA Gardiner, NY
www.secondwindcsa.com (217) 840-0683

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