Member Survey and Many Thanks

Hello again my friends!

Sitting here in our cozy kitchen, sipping tea, and watching the snow slowly fall to blanket the earth I am feeling so content and grateful. Anthony and I spent a wonderful few days with his family on Cape Cod for the holiday and are now taking some time to reflect and and think about our plans for the 2020 season. While we are relishing this space of rest – we have a lot of ideas spinning and are excited to get started, but we need your help! Please click the link below to fill out the membership survey for your pick-up location:

We are not making any major changes – but are considering pulling back our market efforts to focus on and expand the CSA. We’ve recognized that the structure of Second Wind (changing ownership every few years) has made it challenging for any serious development or change in its business plan even though the markets and opportunities surrounding it have changed. It’s a big risk for temporary owners to make adjustments knowing that the time they have might not be long enough to make any transition worth it. Anthony and I feel inspired to make 2020 as efficient and productive as possible – it’s been a great season to take stock of the strengths/weaknesses opportunities/challenges we have here and are looking forward to making next season the best yet.

Thanks for all of your thoughts and feelings – we so so appreciate you!

❤ AL (Anthony and Leslie)

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