CSA Week 23: That’s all folks!

My dear sweet members,

We’ve reached the end of this bountiful season’s road – can you believe it?

I want to first thank you all so much for providing abundant love and support to us as we journeyed through this first season here together. It has been such an incredible experience. Each moment providing space to learn about the land and ourselves. I can really only see all of this now after stepping back and having a rest; when the season is rushing by it’s hard to catch a glimpse of this rapid growth! I hope you all feel as lucky as we have and that you will be joining us for another season of nourishment and adventure!

Now that we got all that mushy stuff out of the way let’s talk about this week’s veggies! If you’ve been reading the past two weeks – you know we took quite a hit to our field crops. Today after walking the fields again and peeking under the row cover at what we hoped to be salvaged heads of lettuce, beds of arugula and salad mix, and stalks of chard….we were sadly disappointed.

As the temps dropped to the teens a few weeks back – it was just too far below what these veggies can handle. Even with the snow last year there were some salvageable greens as snow acts as an insulator and temps in the 20s can be combated with row cover. So with spinach and kale ambling on as our lone potential for greens, this final share will be the smallest of the season – but what it lacks in variety we hope to make up for in poundage! Here’s what you’ll be weighing in on:

  • Winter Squash
  • Carrots
  • Parsnips
  • Potatoes
  • Rutabaga
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Celeriac
  • Winter Radish
  • (MAYBE Spinach or Kale!)
A whole mountain of storage crops waiting to be washed, weighed, crated, bagged, cooked, and devoured!

We hope you’ll be whipping up something delish to share with those you love – as we prepare the same foods with our friends and families…it will be like we’re all having one big meal together, sharing the harvest and celebrating. I know I will be giving gratitude for all of you who made this season so great!

Here are some other grateful parties – these cows are enjoying the spoils of frost damaged veggies. I guess it’s good to know that although it’s not in our bellies, it didn’t go to waste!

We’ll look forward to seeing you all this last week of pick-ups and PLEASE remember to give Sam a sweet farewell!

We will soon be following up with those member surveys that are so so so helpful in getting us going for the season ahead (2020 we’re coming for ya!)

As always and always -thanks for being here!

❤ with great love and gratitude SAL

Leslie (217) 840-0683

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