Pause on Pick-up

Hello all!

Just sending out a little note to check-in and and say hello while we’re on hiatus from the farm until Nov 19/20 for our final Thanksgiving Pick-up! FYI I didn’t realize Thanksgiving pick-up has been on a Sunday in the past years. That being the said, we’ve already planned and scheduled to have it the week before Thanksgiving on regular pick-up days (Tues/Weds) if that is problematic for anyone who is accustomed to the Sunday pick-up in the past please let us know ASAP!

Right now we’re passing time by having slow mornings sipping coffee, making holiday plans, spending a few hours at the farm laying down compost on a few beds for next year, and working out plans for a germination chamber (an old refrigerator converted into a moist warm space to get seeds started in the spring.)

Anthony has been on the hunt for some winter work and I am just returning from a trip to Cincinnati and am headed out again today to work a conference in Jersey City for The Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group – they do awesome work centering on equitable regional food systems (check them out!)

Sam has been away spending time with his dad – working on plans for their family farming adventure and we’re getting adjusted to not having him around. It’s pretty strange after spending 2 years working and living together. We’re losing the little part of our farm family that always brings a laugh, never says no to ice cream and puts together the best work plans and harvests lists around! Make sure you let Sam know how much he’ll be missed – I know we will. But it is an important step for Anthony and I to test our partnership together in this world of farming as finding land of our own will soon be on our radar (by the way – for those of you who may not have come to learn over this season, Anthony and I are a couple;)

That’s all for now folks – I’ll be in touch next week!


Leslie (217) 840-0683

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