CSA Week 9: Thanks for bean here y’all!

Half-share group A this week!

We’re getting so close to our half way mark this season and we are just at the edge of tomato town! Thanks for sticking with us and staying enthusiastic as we all wait patiently 🙂 This weeks share has one new treasure that’s a pain in the back to harvest but is truly worth it! Here’s what you can expect:

  • Basil
  • Yukina
  • Parsley/Celery
  • Chard/Mustards
  • Carrots
  • Beets
  • Beans!
  • Bunching Onions
  • Cukes
  • Summer Squash
  • Cabbage
  • U-PICK FLOWERS **Please stay on the walkways when picking – there are parsnip babies growing in the neighboring bed!**

Field Note: We’ve finally got a rhythm going with our irrigation schedule. We water each night starting at 8pm – after the sun goes down to prevent evaporation and to provide Four Winds with the first watering shift. We are lucky to be able to utilize fancy battery powered timers that switch on and off automatically. However, having only one and having different areas of the farm to water we often have to journey back to the farm at 10pm to set up and run any additional crops that haven’t gotten watered yet. This isn’t always the case but on hot sunny stretches of weather we aren’t taking any chances. We don’t run sprinklers on everything – only on crops we have directly seeded into the soil that we are working to support while they establish themselves. The rest of the transplanted and established crops get drip irrigation – a network of plastic tubing and hoses that pressurize and drip out directly onto the soil at the plant’s base. We have a 2 day schedule to run all of this that alternates with Four Wind’s schedule. Of course this all shifts a bit once we get more steady rain or we have more or less in the ground – but that variability is the treasure of this farmy life and what keeps us sharp 🙂

A non-related photo but I thought it was adorable and just had to put it on here 🙂

Personal (Leslie) note: This week is always tough for me – today marks 7 years since my mother passed away. She was a beautiful human and raised me to love the earth. She was one of the few (so I imagine) *badass* women studying agronomy in college at her time and in her career as a natural resource conservationist working for the USDA in small town Illinois. She loved her job because it brought her outside into the sunshine and allowed her to connect with people. She worked with big corn farmers in their fields, testing their soil and helping them plan their fields in a way that lessened the impact it had on the environment. I personally believe that it was in those fields – filled with pesticides and fertilizers she got the cancer that took her very healthy and happy life from her. I was 21 when we lost her – 4 years before the idea of farming ever entered my mind. While being a farmer is something I feel ties me to my mother it also breaks my heart to know how many missed conversations there are between us. About soil, the environment, but mostly just about life. This is a very personal story for me to share with you all – but I strongly believe that grief is never something to hide and I am also here as your CSA farmer to connect with you all through food and through life, and this is a big part of mine. Thanks for hearing my story and coming to understand me and my connection with organic farming a little bit deeper. I work everyday to make that woman proud of the person I am becoming and I am grateful to do it alongside two awesome guys that have quickly become my little farm family. Take a look at her and her garden back when she was around my age.

That’s a proud farmer.

Thanks for bean here – see you soon!


Leslie (217)840-0683

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