It’s a nail-biter folks!

Hey all!

I’m sure you’re all expecting it so I’ll say it now to get it over with – this rain is killin’ me! Just when we got a glimpse at what growing plants really look like, mother nature closed the blinds and turned the faucet back on. This is a tough pill to swallow and is keeping us farmers on the edges of our seats.

Our little green house buddy – staying cozy and dry on these dreary days.

Everyday we creep into the field with our fingers crossed, peek under the row cover and hope to see our first sized-up turnip or radish, full head of lettuce, or lush row of chard – but given this dreary weather, our little babes are taking their time and it is, quite frankly, stressing us out! I like to think maybe they are in on something we aren’t and are getting a good laugh out of our internal drama.

Each winter farmers set out to make their crop plan. For us we start at harvest and work our way backwards. We choose the date for first CSA pick-up, we then figure out how many members there are to feed, convert that into units per crop we will need, translate that into the amount of seed needed for that crop’s outcome (including room for failures) and then plan to seed that amount of that crop based on its provided date to maturity. We then repeat this process for every crop we grow (around 40). This means we should have a seamless bounty ready for first pick-up no problem, right? Wrong. We sprinkle in, germination problems, an aphid outbreak, many days of no sun, a lingering winter frost, Murphy’s Law, etc. and everything shifts. All of this is to say, even the best laid plans don’t always go as we expect.

And so, we find ourselves now less than a week away from first pick-up and we are all placing our bets on what crops will be ready for harvest. Stay tuned to see what will be waiting for you next week and do us a solid and pray for some sunshine!

Above is our spring lettuce line-up – coming along but not quite there!

On a positive note: at least this rain got me out of the field and gave me some time to write to you all 🙂 Also, not to forget, we had our first market last weekend and it was such a treat. Although we came only bearing a few good green gifts it was such a beautiful day and we were happy to meet the lovely folks of the Pine Bush market community. We sold a whopping 40 bags of salad mix and seeing the eager and appreciative eyes of folks ready for the first fresh foods of the spring was a great reminder to me as to why we do what we do!

Thanks for hearing our stories and sticking with us!

❤ Leslie Sam and Anthony

Fams first market! Come see us again this Saturday from 9-2!

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