Celebrating through the stress

Hey all!

It’s always hard for me not to start this blog post the same way each week, ie: “Wow time is flying!” But it’s truly how I’m always feeling! It seems like this time of year tends to feel the same for everyone – farmer or not. The days get longer, but somehow time is going by faster. This means our days are getting fuller and with each added task comes an expected outcome. And y’all… let me tell ya, these outcomes come in all shapes and sizes. It’s too often that we see ourselves getting caught up in failures and shortcomings- we easily forget the many successes we’ve had and the insane amount we’ve already learned in the few short months we’ve been running this show. Self-love/empathy and celebrations are vital piece in the pie that feeds any team. These things are so important to remember as the season speeds up. This, in junction with taking a step back to remember that as farmers (and really as humans), there are only so many variables we can control, ie: if Mother Nature wants to bring us a week of rain, we remind ourselves that when the the sun finally comes out the plants will start growing again and we, like them, must be patient until that happens. I’ve found it helpful to repeat “we’re doing the best we can with what we have!” and if that’s the straight up truth, it makes the moments of worry pass by a little faster and a little easier.

Broccoli Rabe coming along – variation in sizing comes from depth inconsistency, one challenge of directly seeding.

All of this said, following the dreary days of weeks past, the sun is out and our plants that were taking a rest are soaking up the sunshine. With that blessing comes the new challenge of configuring our watering regimen. Our water supply is shared with 4 Winds Farm and so we must always be mindful of their priority and needs as the warmer days come. Additionally, we are facing some water pressure issues on the farm which further constrains our ability to water. All this means is that there will have to be a lot of communication, planning, checking of the weather, and deep breaths to get us through hot days! There’s a lot of opportunity to worry here, but I’m gonna choose to look at what we’ve accomplished thus far as a testament to what we can handle and trust in that.

The guys, sorting through an array of miscellaneous irrigation parts from years past.

Our first market of the season is this weekend in Pine Bush. Although we don’t yet have a bounty to bring, we’re planning to have some spring offerings like greens, green garlic, and some greenhouse goodies like shoots and micro greens! We’ll also have some seedlings from 4 Winds for sale for those hoping to get going on their at home garden. But mostly we’re excited to start getting to know our customers and new Farmer’s Market community! It will also be the Pine Bush city wide yard sale day – so pay us a visit at our market stand and take a spin around town and find some second hand treasures!

That’s all for now as this week is disappearing and there’s already plenty more to share – stay tuned for that news next week!

❤ Leslie Sam and Anthony

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