One month to go!

Hey everyone!

It’s hard to believe we are one month away from our first CSA pick-up! Time flies when plants start going in the ground…and the rain keeps coming…and the weeds keep growing.

We’ve reached the point of no return in our weeding regimen. Each week we’ve dedicated one day to running through all of our fields, scuffling our annual weeds and digging out the vicious thistle that has long plagued many a Second Wind farmer.

This time of year can be intense for farmers – it’s like all at one time everything starts happening! This can feel stressful, scary, unpredictable and chaotic. We’ve definitely felt a little bit of all of that but have found our way to the other side, and through it all have set up some pretty great systems for organizing our busy weeks.

To give you a little peek at how things keep running smoothly on our end I thought I’d give you a mini break down. As you may have gleaned by now, I (Leslie) have taken on our relations role. I correspond with members, markets, and partners, post to our Instagram, write most of our blogs and in general try to stay on top of our communications. Anthony is our data man, he maintains our many (I mean MANY) spreadsheets and accounts. He serves as our accountant and handles all of our purchasing and depositing. Sam is the man with the plan, he has a great eye for looking at the bigger picture and for breaking down large tasks into more manageable bits. Each week he looks at our task list and at the weather and prioritizes – he keeps us on top of things! And as for that small task of farm labor, we combine forces to get things done efficiently in the field.

It feels good to have a rhythm and rhyme to things, but we know it’s not something that will last forever. As I’m sure you’re all eagerly anticipating, CSA and markets start up at the end of this month! That means we’ll be splitting off to be present at distribution and our weekends will soon be occupied with slingin’ veggies in Pine Bush and Newburgh. Until then, we’ll happily chug along growing that organic goodness for you all feast upon in the next few weeks.

Almost every crop we’ve put in the ground is looking amazing!

But the surprise cold snap we had a few weeks back did some pretty gnarly damage to our basil transplants – despite our double layered row cover. Luckily we have a lot of back-up plants on hand to replace some we lost, but we are also taking care to clean up what plants we think might bounce back given some sunshine and TLC. All said, a valuable lesson learned for us in pushing out crops that need warmer temps to thrive!

Anthony cleaning up the dead/dying leaves on our basil plants, whispering to them some words of sweet encouragement – giving them a bump back to vitality, one step closer to pesto 🙂

This farming journey is a never ending processes of trial and error – forming us into the best farmers we can be! Thanks for being here for us!

❤ Leslie Sam and Anthony

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