Gettin’ in the Ground!

Hello all!

That’s me (Leslie) talking to our to our current 2019 CSA members! We’re half way full at 33.5 shares sold and are so SO excited to acknowledge that 13 of those members are new to Second Wind! Yay and welcome!

We are movin’ and groovin’ in the Greenhouse and (as of last week) in the FIELD! Last week was a super exciting, sunny and WINDY (like whoa!) We got trained up on the Four Winds tractor (thanks Jay!) and spent all afternoon on Wednesday hauling compost to a number of beds – laying down the annual 2 inches! This thicck layer of compost brings abundant fertility to our crops, helps hold in moisture, and will do the work of smothering out those atrocious annual weeds. We also got our first crop in the ground last week!

Here, like most places, we use a mixture of transplanted (started in the greenhouse) and directly seeded (straight into the field) crops. The way we make this decision comes from understanding the plant, conditions it prefers in germination, speed at which it grows and and what special attention it might need. For example, last week we directly seeded CILANTRO because….the space between cilantro plants is really tight, it grows very quickly, and it develops a tap root which doesn’t like being disturbed once it’s developed (ie. transplanting).

This week we’re diving into transplanting and laying more compost, getting some goodies in the ground (peas, yum!) and getting some systems developed to help these new tasks on our new farm flow smoothly and quickly. You wouldn’t believe how much talking out this takes – something that’s not always easy to do when there’s work to be done! Good thing we love each other 🙂

Cabbage under cover – the first transplants of the year and they are looking so strong!

Oh! And we’ve been working on our microgreens and shoots seeding. This is a system Lyds developed and we are so happy to be taking it on- growing some green goodness to consume while the season gets going!

Enjoying breakfast with our teeny harvest of pea shoot trials and trimmings from our allium (onion family) seedlings! Plus jumbo eggs from our friends at Old Ford Farm!

More to come soon!


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