Springing Forward!

Hey there everyone!

Beware…the Ides of March! Ringing true here for us on the farm as the days are getting longer, the sun is more present, and the seedlings are starting to grow strong. We’ve felt a few faux Spring days and are trying not to get too ahead of ourselves as we know, all too well, the sensitive and unpredictable Spring temperament of our region. We are, however, spending more time at the farm each week, stopping by at least once a day to check on and water our little plants!

I’ve personally been quite excited and nervous about my flower seedlings. It’s the first year I’ve taken special time to focus on flower growing – I plan to provide an over-flowing U-pick assortment for all season picking and have high hopes to bring bouquets to market. Flowers are a whole new game in the growing world, requiring unique attention at germination (when the seeds sprout) and special care as they take quite a bit of time to grow into transplant size!

Other things on our radar have been organizing and cleaning out our CSA area, taking inventory of our supplies, and making some final business transitions with Lydia when she returns from Scotland for a brief two weeks before shooting across the world!

We’ve had an initial market meeting for our Pine Bush location and are also excited to attend a CSA Fair at Hudson Valley Brewing this week on Thursday. ATTN members we haven’t heard from yet: With almost half of our shares spoken for, we’re hoping to wrangle in the rest!  An additional incentive, if necessary, is that we’ve taken time to redesign website and CSA logo, created a new barn sign and are having T-shirts made. We put together an initial order and if we like the way they look we’ll be ordering more of the same. Members can snag one for $12 and we’ll have them on sale for non-members for $16.

High Perter’s Kill Trail!

We also took a little time ourselves to enjoy this sunshine – getting out for some hiking together in the Gunks. We’re feeling extra grateful for our new home and our supportive partnership!

1 thought on “Springing Forward!

  1. Hi Guys, Glad to see you hit the ground running! : ) A quick question – is it too late to change the egg half-share to full share?  We have two shares of veggies and currently only half a share of eggs. Confusing, I know. So – if possible – we would like two shares of veggies and a dozen eggs every week. No worries if it is too late.  Thanks, Anna I say things. I do things. Does it all have to make sense?

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