Here we go ya’ll!

Crew carpool to the farm!

The season is off to a snap start – Anthony and I returned from a week long trip back to my home in Illinois and were met by Sam eager to get moving! Our first seeds got popped into their trays this weekend- woohoo! Onions, scallions, shallots, celery, parsley, and basil are all snuggled up in our germination chamber and after sprouting will be shuffled into the greenhouse! We were so excited to get seeding underway but certainly had, and have, quite a learning curve to take on. The way seeding works here at Second Wind involves sewing an estimated seed amount in to open flats with the intention to move them into larger trays before transplanting, the goal being to have the exact amount of plants needed to end up in the ground! Starting seeds like this saves us precious space in the green house and potting mix! The hard adjustment for us here is trusting our intuition at initial seeding, aiming to hit the number of plants we planned for – to feed you all and to take to market- without planting into trays with exact cell counts, like we all have in the past!

We were given some wise advice on this path…there are two skill sets necessary in farming. One comes from calculated precision and the other from instinct and intuition. This is definitely an opportunity to practice the latter! Although a bit anxiety inducing, it’s part of this learning journey and all three of us are feeling grateful to have each other to lean on, some great teachers to learn from and the support of our members!

The first seeds of the season! Bonus points if you can name the seed!

Our bodies also had their first day back in their boots on Saturday as we teamed up with Jay and Jenna (Four Winds) to move 2 trailers full of compost into our greenhouse…one wheelbarrow at a time! This compost is used to heat our greenhouse. Piled atop a forced air system for aeration, the microbes within start to party and the compost begins heating up. Reaching about 150 degrees, the compost emits heat that keeps our baby plants nice and comfortable as they grow big and strong, awaiting their next journey into the fields this spring!

Grateful for our home yoga studio – keeping our bodies happy as they start moving again!

Next steps for us are to keep moving forward with seeding, membership sign-ups (HINT HINT;) , and getting our bodies ready to move once the weather warms up!

We’ll keep you in the loop as our first sprouts pop up!

Stay tuned and get excited!

-Leslie (Sam & Anthony too)

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