Up and Running!

Hey there everyone!

I’m so excited to cozied up in our new home in Wallkill typing out my first blog post to all of you awesome early members and followers out there!

Many of you have heard from me over the past month as we are working  hard to get the word out about shares being on sale and getting communication flowing. Aside from that, there has been a lot of other stuff going on with us and we’re excited to fill you in!

Many hours have been spent talking with Lydia and Meghs (our total rock star predecessors) about our plans for this season ie: what to grow more of, what to cut out, what crops were where last year, how to water certain areas…not to mention, going over the many systems that exist on the farm. For those of you who don’t know, Second Wind is a farm within a farm (FARMCEPTION) we lease land within Four Winds Farm! While we are super lucky to be working so closely with some seriously talented farmers, there’s a lot that goes on here between the two functioning farms and many things that must be understood to keep a happy and productive workflow for everyone. We are so grateful that everyone has been overwhelmingly patient, understanding, and most importantly, excited to help us out and have us around.


Sprinkled in with this learning, we went to town on getting our crop plan and seed order out the door early – partly due to the very real anxiety that comes with running your own show for the first time and partly due to the fact that we wanted to have some breathing room to enjoy a bit of our winter break before spring arrives!

Sam recently returned from a 2 week road trip that took him down south to his birth place- New Orleans. And Anthony and I are a few days away from taking a trip back to Illinois (my home state) to visit my family and friends and where we’re sure to consume some deep dish pizza and other various fried foods covered in ranch dressing!


This past weekend we also made the very exciting move up to Ulster County from our previous home down at Glynwood in Cold Spring. We’re having a lot of fun getting to know our new area so drop us a line if you’ve got any tips for us! I visited the Shawangunk Grasslands yesterday and  got to see some amazing short-eared owls on the hunt!

Sam will be popping our first seeds in their trays while we’re away and I can’t wait to return and start tending to our little plant babies!

Shares are on sale and they are getting scooped up – so pass on the word to your friends and foes alike to come n’ get it, everyone needs their share of nourishment from this sweet earth!

Wishing warm bodies, souls, and hearts!


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