Week 21: New Adventures

The season is winding down and folks have been asking about our plans for next season.
It is a bittersweet decision to share with you all that Meghs and I will be passing Second Wind to new young farmers.
Leslie, Anthony, and Sam have been farming the past few seasons in the Hudson Valley and are now ready to step into a management/ownership position. We’ll be introducing them more over the next few weeks! They will be a great addition to the lineage of this sweet CSA community.

I am planning a multi-continent travel season, visiting farms around the world.
More to share on this soon–I’m still focusing on finishing this season up well!

We got a blast-from-the past with a visit from Joe and Anna this weekend! They came to hang with me during the last regular farmers market of the season then we all enjoyed a friend’s wedding and catching up after a year.


Share potentials:
Sweet potatoes!
last of the hot peppers
Winter squash choice
Bok Choy, Mustard, Yukina, or Komatsuna
Head Lettuce
Celeriac Root
Kale or Collard greens
Garlic–lots! Here’s a garlic soup recipe for immune support during that first winter cold.

Learning from running Second Wind CSA has been an adventure full of more lessons than I could have imagined. I know I will continue learning from this experience for the rest of my life. I can’t say it too often, that I am so grateful to the members for sharing this journey with us, for investing in us as new farmers.

Sad to go but excited to keep in touch to share about all the lessons farmers around the world have to teach me,

1 thought on “Week 21: New Adventures

  1. Oh wow Lydia, I am going to miss you! What an amazing plan you have for next year. We welcome new Second Wind farmers Leslie, Anthony, and Sam with open arms!

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