Week 20: Potlucking

TOMORROW, 4-7pm during distribution, is the Pizza Party Potluck at the farm! Families welcome, dogs gotta stay on leash, bring a favorite topping or a dish to share.

A good potluck is such a fun, joyful event. I love to see the mish-mash of food and taste creations I didn’t make. Sharing nourishment is such an important practice to keep up in our hectic world. We’ve got to sloooooow down and enjoy one another’s company sometimes ❤

What was great:
Enjoying some extra time with members at the Garrison Cider on the Porch potluck! Thank you for bringing goodies to share and hanging out with me for a bit 🙂
Packing up supplies and loving the spread!

We harvested the last bed of potatoes, Elba variety. They were big and beautiful! They are curing now in the cellar and will go home with you all at the Thanksgiving share!

What was hard:
♪♪Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling down, down, down…♫
Meghs spent one of the rainy mornings harvesting a section of the sweet potatoes, getting soaked to the bone.
She found this amazing root as a prize for the hard work:


What made us laugh:
These yellow crook-neck squash minis. You can see the Second Wind Instagram or Facebook profile for a video starring these dears:

What we’re grateful for:
Another great Hudson Valley Young Farmers Coalition event. We hosted a listening session with a National Coalition representative, hearing from area farmers about what is good and challenging and what needs to change. It was a great potluck too!

Having access to the beautiful views from Four Winds. Watching the shimmering cherry leaves dance downward with the backdrop of the colors changing on the ridge was breathtaking.

Share potentials:
Turnips or Radishes
Head Lettuce
Endive, mustard greens, or Bok Choy!
Arugula, Spicy Mix, Yukina, or Komatsuna
Butternut Squash or Black Futsu Pumpkin
Herb choice

Yukina and mushrooms with a slightly sauteed endive and apple salad!




Miraculous farm friends we gotta learn to keep our eyes out for:

To feeding one another,

1 thought on “Week 20: Potlucking

  1. Beautiful! Potluck sounds awesome!
    Rachey loves you so much!

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