Week 19: Rejuvenating

This Indigenous People’s Day, some of us from the farm celebrated by enjoying a cozy home together in the Adirondacks, preparing loads of farm yummies to share, and hiking up a foggy trail.
It was a sweet time of respite and invigoration, deep breaths with the trees, moss, lichen, myscelium, and one another.
We each left grateful for the time “away” and for access to that beautiful land first held precious by the Iroquois (Mohawk) and Algonquin (Mahican and Abenaki) peoples.

THIS WEDNESDAY OCT 10 is the Cider on the Porch potluck at the Garrison distribution (4-7pm). Bring a snack to share if you’d like and enjoy the gorgeous view from Winter Hill with other members.

What was great:
The yukina is looking beautiful right now–all the greens are loving the cooler temps at least.

Meghs worked on cleaning up around our hoop house and it did wonders for the place!

What was hard:
When I got into the van Wednesday to load up for distribution, it wouldn’t start! All is well now, but that was a stressful few days!

The rain is still going! Again, I try hard not to complain about weather we can’t affect, but this is really something, and makes working that much more cold and uncomfortable.

What made us laugh:
Little member Lila likes to “buy” veggies at distribution after checking with the scale.

This silly perfectly round baby garlic.

The tulsi just nonchalantly taking over the herb garden.

The Sun Chokes peeking toward the sun.

What we wish was different:
We are bummed that leek season has moved to more summer months. The new Allium Leaf Miner pest has made it so we have to harvest earlier before the damage destroys the crop. Since we don’t spray anything to kill the larvae, we have already finished with leeks for the most part for the season.

Share Potentials:
Tomatoes, Peppers, Summer Squash, or Husk Cherries
Brussel Sprout florets or Arugula
Hearty radishes or turnips
Fennel or cabbage
Head lettuce or endive!
Mustard Greens
Herb choice
Butternut Squash!

Here’s a recipe for Thai Butternut Squash Soup.

Myscelium friends keeping us company.

A market snack! Ciabatta with brie cheese, cherry tomatoes, and arugula.

A praying mantis making its way to the fields.

May we all have some moments of warmth from the chill this week, moments to spend sharing nutritious, tasty food with dear ones, moments to remember our “place in the family of all things.” (Mary Oliver, “Wild Geese”)

With rejuvenation,

1 thought on “Week 19: Rejuvenating

  1. I want a market snack! Yummy!
    Rachey loves you ❤️

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