Week 18: New and Young Farmers

I help organize for the Mid-Hudson CRAFT network (Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training) and the Hudson Valley chapter of the National Young Farmers Coalition. Both organizations are for “new and young farmers,” not just an age restriction.
It’s, of course, difficult to find time for it during the season, but the rewards are great. I love gathering with other folks who are working their tails off to feed communities, who are changing broken systems and bringing back a connection to the land, who are trying and failing and still keepin’ on.

There is plenty of geeking-out about growing methods, plant varieties, and tool types. And there is sharing of laughter, joys, tears, woes of the season, and hopes for the future. Many of us are coming into farming without having been raised doing it or going to formal schooling for it. We are gathering bits of knowledge from grandparents, older farmers, books, and one another to try to regain some of the wisdom lost. It’s inspiring to learn from and alongside these new and young farmers.


What we wish was different:
We’ve shared about the struggles of this intense season along the way and you all have been very supportive! We’re bummed to share that many of our fall crops have been hit too hard and didn’t make it.
Due to the rapid fluctuation between heat and wet extremes, we’ve had poor germination, increased pest damage, and lost a couple beds to rot.
That means we have less than we’d like or none at all of fall yummies like red and green Cabbage, Napa cabbage, spinach, beets, cherry and watermelon radishes, turnips, broccoli, and cauliflower.

There are lots of greens planted but with so little sun between cloudy days, the growing is sloooooow.
Distributions may be lighter than we would like the next few weeks, but trust that we’re giving you all we’ve got!
The share value passed $600 5 weeks ago so don’t feel like you’re losing any money on the deal 🙂

Share potentials:
Tomatoes, Eggplant, or Peppers
Mustard Greens
Cabbage or Fennel
Beets, Carrots, Turnips, or Radishes
Kale, Collards, or Chard
Herb choice

Grilling summer and autumn favs together.

Autumn at the Pine Bush Market.

Second Wind offers a unique opportunity to not only eat nutritious, flavorful food, but to also support new farmers in our growth. The soil provides so much and even when it feels we’re just along for the crazy food-producing ride, it’s a wonder to be part of.
It’s humbling to be a farmer and a small business owner and a farm partner and a human.
Thanks for learning with us.

In humility,

1 thought on “Week 18: New and Young Farmers

  1. Such a beautiful post. Love you Lyds!

    Carla Goldberg Studio Art Artist/Independent Curator http://www.carlagoldberg.com #SculpturalDrawings 845-222-0177


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