Week 14: For the Laborers

As you know, it’s Labor Day!
Take some moments to look up the history of this special day–it’s especially near and dear to we farmers working the land for the benefit of the masses!

It’s not officially autumn yet, until the Equinox, but we’re feeling the shift toward a more gentle time in our growing season. Thankful for the cool days we had and looking forward to another break in heat that keeps hitting us!

What was great:
Taking some time to celebrate some summer fun at the Renegades game in Beacon!

The second succession of cucumber plants won’t last long, but the fruit is gorgeous!

Spending some time with the flowers, making small bouquets to take to market:

The first cut of any of the greens is always so fun!

What made us laugh:
The parked row of carts for mowing!

The sunflowers standing so tall above everyone still get me every time:

Our young members helping choose the share and immediately digging in:

What we’re grateful for:
Sending members with birthdays home with yummy food! Happy birthday Kearney and Carla!

Share potentials:
Tomatoes, slicing/sauce and cherries
Cucumber or Summer Squash
Beans, okra, eggplant, or peppers
Leeks or Carrots
Arugula, Spicy Mix, or Yukina
Herb choice
Kale or collard greens

Here is a classic Potato-Leek soup recipe!

Here is a yummy-looking recipe for yukina with mushrooms that I can’t wait to try!

A friend of member Carole shared in the abundant harvest and made a tomato basil soup. I tried a similar recipe with an entire bunch of Thai Basil–yummm!
Tomato Basil Soup_1

Golden gazpacho and tomato salad from member Marie:

Harvesting the sweet potato greens takes a loooong time, but it is such a special treat to share!

I found this poem in a card visiting Scotland last winter and I love the message–I hope to spread this simple, joy-filled perspective about life and to keep learning about it. Grateful for those laborers around the world that are keeping courage to face the day, laboring for my everyday needs and wants.

With intention and effort,

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