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Week 17: Equinox Lessons

Calendar dates sometimes feel arbitrary as time frames and deadlines, but the “creators” of our calendars were following the seasonal shifts around the globe, feeling the temperatures change, the days elongate or shorten, seeing the blooming and receding of ecosystems.
Our northern hemisphere autumn Equinox was Saturday. Temps have dropped, leaves are falling, and the very smells surrounding us at the farm are changing. It’s a beautiful time, dear to we farmers, as the hecticness calms and we get to begin breathing again!
Equinox reminds us to slow down, to reflect, to allow for significant change.


What was great:
Meghs put it on the calendar months ago to remember to “top” the brussel sprouts–and she did it! Taking the tops off these funky brassicas means all the energy goes into the growth of the mini cabbage like sprouts we like to eat!
Below is just one week’s growth after topping.

What made us laugh:
My cat, Prince Ali, commutes to the farm with me sometimes. He always makes us laugh and enjoy the field work more.

Can you see which plant sneaked into these beets? Same family, but you can’t fool us, you Swiss Chard!

This Jim Davis comic my mama sent me:

What we’re grateful for:
Having two such experienced farmers around in the Armours–anything we’ve been through, they have a story and a lesson for (except for climate change–that’s surprising them too!).
We helped a bit to put a new cover on the Four Winds hoop house.

Share potentials:
Tomatoes, Eggplant, or Peppers
Leeks or Celeriac Root
Yukina, Head lettuce, Spicy Mix, or Arugula
Honey Nut squash or Black Futsu pumpkin!
Collard Greens, Mustard Greens, Turnip Greens, or Sweet Potato Greens
Beets or Cabbage
Herb choice


I hope you all can find some moments to reflect and look forward, to enjoy the moments of Equinox. There is much to learn from this ecosystem we’re in and all the beings around.
As perennials and seeds move toward dormancy, we enjoy the last tastes of summer and look forward to the hearty roots of autumn, nutrients claimed from digging deep and going slow.

Looking forward to more rest,



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