Week 13: Making Time

The heat is back, but not with such a vengeance, so we’re doing okay. The cooler evenings and crisp mornings are definitely speaking of season shift.
And that full moon last night–what a babe!


What was great:
Getting to share some of our extras with the amazing Ulster Corps gleaners. They were great to come harvest some of our kale excess to share with local food access organizations!

What was hard:
It can be hard to remember to put energy into our dearest relationships during the hectic of the season. It is easy to slip into habits of irritability or distance from friends when there is so much work to be done.
It’s always a struggle to push against the current systems to get food production, community, and ecosystem back to a priority.

What made us laugh:
This wild, wacky mullein plant near the herb garden just doin’ its thing.

The little growths on tomatoes that are always popping up.

What we wish was different:
A ground hog friend beat us to a section of head lettuce 😦
It’s so disappointing to come out one morning and see a whole area of a crop decimated!

What we’re grateful for:
The big van that carries veggies and supplies back and forth! I can’t imagine doing distribution or market without this beauty ❤

A quick trip from a dear one with oodles of joy at little moments and reminders why this connection to the land is so important.

Farming in a responsible way and thanks to the work of those before us.

This week’s share potentials:
Tomatoes, cherry and slicing
Beans, okra, eggplant, or peppers
Sweet Potato Greens!
Kale or Collard Greens
Parsley or Basil
Herb choice

What’s that you say? You’ve never had sweet potato greens and didn’t even know you could eat them? You’re in for a treat!
I love this rich, sweet leaf with its unique taste and deep green nutrients during the summer season.
These greens offer “water-soluble vitamins” (along with minerals and antioxidants), meaning our bodies have easier access to the health benefits!
Here’s a great recipe you can use all local ingredients for.

And here’s a tomato-basil sauce recipe I’ve been doing to use up tomatoes in a yummy way!

The root washer makes veggies shine up!


The okra plants are moving toward their end.

Teeny-tiny myscelium friends, like little trumpet bells, on the beets.

The celosia flowers taking the spotlight.

We’re looking forward to the autumn of September, eyes toward Equinox, reminding ourselves to stop for big breaths of summer heat and breath-taking views of the the lush ridge.

Hoping you take some extra moments to remember why we’re all here, why we’re doing all this.

You’re part of a big ol’ ecosystem and several smaller ones. Enjoy it!

For joy and health,

1 thought on “Week 13: Making Time

  1. My thoughts and prayers to your groundhogs activities! The day I gave up cruciferous and anything but herbs, cherry tomatoes and flowers was the day I saw groundhog #9 walking along the top of my chicken wire. (5 ft) Leslie

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