Week 12: Halfway

We’re now halfway through the CSA season! It’s a bittersweet idea, but wild to consider in any case.
Thinking about committing to the long-haul of the season, it’s a hard and important lesson to learn to go with the rhythm of the season around us, taking breaks when we’re offered them.

What was great:
We’ve finally had a break in the heat and a few days of drying out from the rain!

We did the first harvest of our potatoes and it was so fun to see the productive harvest after having a hard time last year!

What was hard:
We use a tractor implement to dig up the potatoes so that is a huge help, but gathering them is a long process that gives the back an ache.

What made us laugh:
The balancing act of carrying boxes for tomatoes!

What we’re grateful for:
Having a farm community of other folks to brainstorm, laugh, and work with.

I love when we all end up in nearby fields while we’re working. Just hearing others’ voices can be a calming sound and make long rows of weeding more bearable.
Taking an ice cream break in the cool root cellar.

Share potentials:
Tomatoes, cherry and slicing
Okra, eggplant, or peppers
Squash or cucumbers
Kale, Collards, or Chard
Parsley or Basil
Herb choice

We’re always learning about the ecosystem of insects–what we call “pests” and “beneficials.” It’s a whole other aspect of farming besides getting to know the plants!


Some of my favorite tiny members enjoying the farm’s abundance:


Happy halfway, dear members! Thanks for being with us!

Always growing,

2 thoughts on “Week 12: Halfway

  1. Okra in Browned Butter

    I had okra prepared like this in Charleston, South Carolina a few years ago. I thought I hated okra till I was served this. Sometimes the simplest preparation is the best. Wash and dry whole okra pods. Don’t cut them. Leave them whole. Sauté in a frying pan long, low and slow in butter. (Yes leave them whole.) Cook about 15-25 minutes depending on how your pan cooks and let it get just a bit golden on all sides and tender making sure the butter doesn’t burn. When they are tender, all of the weird sticky gel inside totally disappears and the seeds soften a bit. The okra tastes amazing in the slightly nutty flavor of the browned butter. Add just a bit of salt at the end. Serve whole. Don’t eat the tops as they are just a bit too fibrous.

    Carla Goldberg Studio Art Artist/Independent Curator http://www.carlagoldberg.com #SculpturalDrawings 845-222-0177


  2. Beans and escarole! Can’t wait to find out what kind of beans! Plus, cherry tomatoes! How fab. See you today.


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