Week 11: Downpour

Customers and members often ask what we do when it rains. Well, we just keep doing what we’re doing, putting on a rain jacket when possible!

The high humidity is awful to work in and it is not fun to work for more than a few minutes in the rain, especially if there’s still a whole day to get through, but the job and the land demand it, so we deal how we can and accept the downpour.

Husk Cherry babes coming along:

What was great:
Peak tomato season is always fun–everyone loves the fruit of the long-coming labor, and it’s so tasty to have fresh and flavorful lovelies at each meal. Plus, the colors are AMAZING.

Caprese and Nicoise salad starring tomatoes! From member Marie:

What was hard:
Staying motivated in August is hard for most farmers, and it is especially difficult this year as it has been unusually hot and humid for two months now. We’re fighting the good fight with seltzer and heaps of commiserating, but it can be a struggle to keep at it.

Each of us had turns laying out garlic and onions in the covered hoop house where it is EVEN HOTTER! That’s done now, phew!

What we wish was different:
With the heat still as high as it was the last few weeks, some seeds don’t have great germination. We’re having to work hard to solve the puzzle of where is best for new seedings considering water access and weed pressure–always a challange!

What we’re grateful for:
The first perfectly ripe, not rotted sweet pepper! The peppers are a ways off from really being ready and it’s hard to get them ripe without having some rotten spots, so we’ve gotta enjoy it when it comes!

Visits with families and again, taking time to eat all the food we’re growing–thanks for supporting us in these efforts at sustainability for the farmers, too!

Frittata, collard greens, sauteed beans, and cucumber salad:

My brother and I having tacos during his quick visit:

Share potentials:
Tomatoes, cherry and slicing!
Eggplant, peppers, or beans
Arugula or Lettuce Mix
Cucumbers, Summer Squash, Beets, or Carrots
Herb choice
Kale, Collard Greens, or Chard

It’s a full, busy time and it’s a feat to stay up with the weeds during all this rain they love, but we keep learning to accept, and even appreciate, the downpour.

In acceptance,

Selfie with the giant sunflower beauties!

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