Week 9: Staying Grounded

This season has been a chance for me to really put into practice some of the ideals I’d hoped for–reasonable work hours (staying between 50 and 60 for a farmer in peak season is amazing!), eating more of the nutritious food in prepared meals, and maintaining a sense of self and presence in the midst of the hecticness.

Implementing these ideals is hard as we have to fight the pressures of our systems and the demands we put on one another in society–but the constant rhythms of the ecosystems and our members are good to remind us to stay grounded and look up from the work often.


What was great:
Seeing growth on the slow and steady peppers and eggplant.

The next planting of summer squash coming up strong in the shadow of the mature plants.

What we wish was different:
We have had some loss of beautiful ripe tomatoes due to blossom end rot, which happens when there is inconsistent water intake as the fruits get overloaded with water after a dry spell.
There are lots of big green fruits on the plants, so we’re still looking forward to a great harvest over the rest of the season, it’s just always fun to have them early!

What we’re grateful for:
Learning from one another about the food around us–Alli is always inspiring me to use all veggies in my meals and Meghs is always sharing filling recipes with us. It’s fun and so helpful to have others around to learn from and with.

Members bringing us home-made sweet treats to share ❤ Thank you members Jill and Kerry!

Members sharing their creative gifts with us–member Heidi (and her fun kids!) makes bouquets for us to take to market. It’s a customer favorite and brightens up our stand!

What made us laugh:
This patty pan squash that looks exactly like a Pac-Man ghost!

The ol’ “just gonna need to grab a few tomatoes” mistake that ends in a shirt bulging with fruit.

This Carrot Gnome from member Marie.

What was hard:
Getting through pruning and trellising the tomatoes has been an on-going to-do item these weeks. We got behind some when I was sick and it is difficult to catch up as the plants get more and more wild.

No amount of scrubbing can get the tomato scale off during this part of the season!

Share potentials:
Green Tomatoes (Here’s my favorite way to prepare them besides fried, curried with potatoes!)
Summer favorite choice–tomatoes, okra, shishito peppers, eggplant, or beans
Head Lettuce
Lettuce Mix, Arugula, or Yukina
Fresh Onion–these aren’t cured for storage so use it in your next recipe!
Herb choice–with new Thai basil and Summer Savory choice!
Beets or Carrots

Keep asking for and sharing recipe ideas–we love it!

Here’s a yummy fried rice recipe I can vouch for to use up the cabbage and carrots in your fridge drawer!

Onions letting us know they’re ready for harvesting.

Our table of seedlings fell down with all that rain! Thankfully, very few casualties. Here are the fennel babies for the next planting, going into the field this week.

You can see in this carrot that’s gone to seed how they are descendant of the wild carrot, or Queen Anne’s Lace.

Thanks for being part of our economic ecoystem and for helping us stay true to our hopes for small-scale, sustainable farming!

Always learning,

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