Week 7: With a Little Help

Community is what this farm is based around and it’s so good to be reminded to lean into that need for one another as often as we can.

What we’re grateful for:
I’m headed to my sister’s wedding in Missouri for the weekend, so we were working hard to get ahead on field work for Meghs being on her own again–and help came!
I had 4 different friends visit over 5 days and they showed up ready to really jump in. They harvested, weeded, helped with market, and gave me splashes of extroverted, social energy with laughter and remembering our friendships! We’re grateful for all their sweat and help.

What was hard:
Removing the conduit stakes from the old pea beds! We had to call in reinforcements with extra strength.

What was great:
Getting transplanting and seeding done around rain is always a wonderful feeling! Yes, IT RAINED!!!! The humidity is relentless, but we’ll take all the water we can get right now.


What made us laugh:

These cuddly cucurbits.

Resized_20180712_163633 Meghan making group photos ridiculous when we take a break for ice cream.

Resized_20180710_135617 Meghan teasing me about these tiny thyme bunches.

What we wish was different:
The kohlrabi is slow going and might not get past all this heat. We’re trying again for the fall, but bummer, we love that sweet, crisp, juicy bulb!

This week’s share potentials:
Beans or okra
Summer Squash
Arugula or Spicy Mix
Lettuce Mix or Yukina
Cabbage or Fennel
Herb choice
Kale, Chard, or Collard Greens

One friend caught a great shot of all the prepping and list-making moments that go into getting through a full farm day. So much puzzling, math, and finagling!

Lovely trios.

The tomatoes are coming along and should start to join us in the next few weeks! Hopefully we can beat the birds to the ripe ones.

First sungold harvest has us shining.

Seas of winter and summer squash can be pretty intimidating to wade through!

A few of my favorite views from farm life.

Resized_20180710_190617 Happy purslane spreading out, trying to take over wherever it can.

We need each other to be well and thriving and we need each other when we’re not. We need each other for the big, hard moments and the silly, little ones.
We need each other and it’s a beautiful, messy, vibrant community we’re in the making of.

In spectacular need,

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