Week 6: Summer Livin’

Wowza! Lots of folks are always looking toward summer–farmers have a special relationship with this peak of the season, when abundance=lots of work and we gotta make extra effort not to let it pass us by!

Summer is in full swing as told by the crops and the temperature.

First of the green and purple beans are coming in–lots of knee time harvesting!

Last week’s crazy squash harvest! The cool nights have slowed squash and cucumbers down significantly.

What was great:
Gradually continuing to work through the to-do lists, maintaining a steady pace and learning to be okay with not getting it all done.
We got all the garlic harvested, sorted, and stored to “cure”–dry and process for longer storage.

What was hard:
Hot temps and high humidity are hard on the skin–we’ve all got different, multiple issues going on that are varying levels of distracting and distressing. Harvesting squash, cucumbers, beans, and okra leave lots of little cuts on our hands/forearms, poison ivy is relentless, and general heat rash is in full swing. The itchyness and irritation can really take a toll on hot, weary farmers!

Farmer necessities for summer surviving: seltzer and potato chips!

What made us laugh:
We are trying something new with the hard-neck garlic, curing it in the hoop house. So we got to make a “fort” with the shade cloth today!

Waylon is always making us chuckle with his big head and lovable licks.

This Siberian Kale is really tremendous and beautiful and huge! I was laughing in delight and wishing I could share it with the whole world!

This week’s share potentials:
Summer Squash or Cucumbers (Here are some new ideas for your squash cooking)
Beans or okra!
Fennel! (Here’s a great site about using it ALL!)
Cabbage, green or red
Head Lettuce, Arugula, or Tatsoi
Swiss Chard, Collard Greens, or Escarole
Beets or Carrots
Herb choice: parsley, tulsi, chamomile, sage, cutting celery, or thyme

Hand weeding teeny-tiny friends out of the next planting of carrots, still teeny-tiny themselves.

Okra and tulsi flowers bringing pollinator friends galore.

Elegant Chard standing tall and showing off.

Resized_20180705_100019 Baby butternut squash getting going!

We’re still working hard to work reasonable hours and make time for other life events–errands, fun, and resting!
Thanks for being on the journey with us as we continue learning about farming, no-till methods, and community supported agriculture ❤

Resized_IMG_20180704_223509_914 Swooning over the Dino kale.

May we all be more and more like our dear bee-friends, cross pollinating the world, bringing abundant, vibrant fruit with all the golden dust on our shoulders,


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  1. You are brilliant!

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