Week 5: Waves

Waves can be so calming and centering, then they can be so overwhelming and consuming. They are forces that can’t be controlled, relentless, carving a new shape to our world.

This week’s heat advisory has got me thinking about all kinds of waves–dreaming of the cool ocean, trying to drink endless water, and the different moments of the season that come slowly then in rushes.

What was great:
Showing my mom the farm and New Paltz!

Amazing cabbage heading up ❤

Having a gathering with other young farmers for a Hudson Valley Young Farmers Coalition event at High Falls Farm, being reminded of long-term vision for soil and cultural regeneration.

What was hard:
You know I’m gonna say the heat! We are pretty good at staying hydrated ourselves, or at least noticing when we need to step up our efforts.
But watching the plants struggle in the heat is hard, hoping they will be okay and doing what you can to help.

What we wish was different:
Produce wise, we’re pretty dang happy with the share and all the items this week!




What we’re grateful for:
Being in a small-scale, dignified work environment. I got into farming to change the food system’s labor exploitation. Not a day goes by, especially these intense ones, that I don’t think of the folks working in harsh, dangerous conditions, near me in the Hudson Valley, and around the world in various positions.
As we celebrate and contemplate this country’s history and values, may we give special thought to making an equitable world where everyone can live safely and freely.

This week’s share potentials:
Summer Squash
Head Lettuce
Lettuce Mix, Arugula, or Tatsoi
Turnips, cooking or salad
Dino Kale
Curly Kale, Collard Greens, or Chard
Herbs: Parsley, Basil, Thyme, Chammomile…

This week is a wave of abundant Squash, Cucumbers, and “Dinosaur” Kale.

Mighty turnip greens!!
Tatsoi weeded and thinned, looking ready to grow more.
Squash flowers speaking of fruit to come.

Happy celebrating everyone,

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