Week 4: Keeping Up

Being down to one farmer for 4 days is rough! Thanks to a lot of good planning in prior months and keeping caught up with weeds during spring (that’s thanks to Meghs!), we’re not in emergency mode yet. But this week will be a game of catch up to keep ahead of the weed friends whilst harvesting all the abundance.

Gotta grab breaks while we can–cinnamon sticks and the cool barn floor!

What was great:
Getting a good rain! Now, let’s not wait so long until the next one!

What was hard:
Trying to keep caught up with one farmer down. The farm days are long and challenging at full strength, so a dip in energy really impacts the to-do list.

What made us laugh:
This humongous head of lettuce Alli found!

And these wacky garlic scapes all piled up!

And this one tomato plant holding on when all the rest had given up! Feels like that some days, tomato.

What we wish was different:
Some of our soft neck garlic is already falling over (ready to harvest). It is early and we wish it was growing for longer. We’re wondering if covering it with row cover to protect from the new pest, allium leaf miner, accelerated the maturing process. Ah! Hard decisions for organic producers.

What we’re grateful for:
Mamas who love on us as their own. Member Allison helps me set up at Garrison and went above and beyond to bring me supper (my first real meal since being sick)! Plus, my mama is visiting for a day from Missouri and will finally get to see the farm ❤

Share potentials:
Summer Squash
Garlic Scapes
Snow or Snap Peas
Escarole or Napa Cabbage
Beets, Turnips, or Carrots
Kale or Collard Greens
Swiss Chard
Lettuce Mix or Tatsoi!
Head lettuce (still bringing new varieties!)
Basil, Parsley, or other herb

Here’s an easy kale salad recipe.

And here’s info about using amazing tatsoi!

Raw or cooked or grilled or juiced!

Meghs peaking through the abundant market harvest–so many veggies!

Keepin’ on keepin’ on,


1 thought on “Week 4: Keeping Up

  1. Elise knows a great simple kale salad that is so delicious. It’s kale and mango, but you could definitely use peaches or nectarines. And the dressing is basically olive oil and lemon. Dee-lish!

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