Week 3: Dig Deep

Phew, wow. Just returning from the farm after a flash rain that was just enough to give a good soak to all of our seeded beds and some relief to our transplants! What a joy, no matter how small!
Also harvested the first of the summer squash–whoooo!


What was hard:
Focusing on this because it was a HARD week!
I ended up with a sudden non-contagious infection that knocked me down hard and Meghs did all of the work for the past 4 work days, while it was getting hotter and hotter. I’m on the mend, so hopefully she won’t be feeling such pressure soon, but, wowza, was that unpleasant for everyone involved.

What we’re grateful for:
The RAIN!!!!!! Cannot say it enough ❤
And we're thankful for all our strong plants that have roots digging deep for water, standing strong, and continuing to grow. The peas are sweet, roots are coming, and the summer favs are getting established.

This week's share *potentials*:
Sugar Snap or Snow Peas!
young Napa Cabbage!
young Beets!
Garlic Scapes!
Lettuce Mix
Head Lettuce
Kale, Chard, or Collard Greens
Parsley, Cilantro, or Basil

*I always share the share as potentials for a few reasons:
it's difficult to harvest every crop at once for 50 shares, so sometimes we alternate weeks and try real hard to make sure everyone gets some of every item at some point;
sometimes we expect something to be ready but once we're in the field, it's damaged in some way or less than expected.
Please know we WANT to give you all food–it's the point of our business and efforts and it's what we strive for with love, stress, and sweat throughout the season. Thank you for being on the growing journey with us!

Some recipes:
Garlic Scape Pesto shared from member Carla

Siberian kale with cannellini beans, carrots, onions and parsley from member Judy

Sauteed Escarole and you can use garlic scapes, easy to make vegan or meaty

Keep digging deep with us learning about amazing food! Some of you are taking a brave step being part of a CSA, receiving so many new kinds of foods–past bosts on this blog are a great place to learn as well as other members!
I wanted to share some words from a member I received this week that really warmed my heart and I hope will give you some courage to keep trying:

As I sit here and meal plan for tonight, I realize your produce is pushing me to learn how to work with the more bitter members of the leafy-geen family. In the process I have discovered that my daughter loves bitter leafy greens! Greens are a huge part of my diet, but I’ve clung to milder flavors such as chard, spinach, collards, and kale in my cooking. I have been comfortable eating, but not preparing, greens such as arugula and mustard greens. Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone and making me a better cook!
Tonight’s dinner will be basil and arugula pesto over zucchini noodles.

Friends farm-to-table for a pause to celebrate abundance and one another!
The view through the peas at watering time.

Here’s to digging deep, stretching up, branching out, and growing big,

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