Week 2: Spring Fortification

It is still time for all these sweet greens–still tender and delicious!
We know it can feel overwhelming sometimes to use up all those green leaves in the right order in the right way, we know–please keep asking questions! **See below for some tips.

THOSE SPRING GREENS ARE SO FORTIFYING! After a winter of roots, ferments, and dry goods, those greens give us humans a needed boost of vitamins and minerals–calcium, iron, potassium, manganese, Vitamin A, B, C, K, and E. On and on for all the body’s needs!
We hope you enjoy them now especially. The season is unpredictable at best and we don’t know year to year how greens will do–soak ’em up!

Swiss chard and spring garlic frittata (not seen, micro greens salad)! From Member Marie.

This week’s share potentials (some of the items we have to split between Gardiner and Garrison from week to week, but don’t worry, we work hard to make sure everyone gets some!):
Head Lettuce
Cut greens: Arugula, Rocket, or lettuce mix, or spinach
Baby Turnips
Collard Greens! (Here’s a recipe, but I like using whole garlic and onion)
Swiss Chard
Mustard Green or Broccoli Raab
Cilantro, pea shoots, or the first of the sugar snap peas!

What was great:
Sending all of you home with such delicious harvest abundance and hearing from you all about how you were using it up with joy!

What was hard:
Pounding all the t-posts in for trellising tomatoes is a difficult physical task! Different from, but similarly difficult to, cleaning and weeding the kale jungle.

What made us laugh:
My cat, Prince Ali, is always makings us laugh while he keeps us company in the field. This week, the barn swallows were not having it (his company) and were actually dive bombing to get him to leave. He couldn’t figure out if they wanted to play or not and was just laying there confused!

What we wish was different:
We are SO HOPING for a good rain! The forecast keeps changing, but we are in need of another good one. Thanks to the no-till system and the rich soil life at Four Winds, we don’t have to worry as much as other farms, but it is still an on-going stressor figuring out irrigation needs.

What we’re grateful for:
As mentioned above, eating seasonally has its hardships, but it is such a rich life to taste spring strawberries for the first time in a year, to have a fridge full of greens to choose from at lunch time, and to have a kickin’ salad to take to potlucks. We are soaking up the healthy eating right along with you all. The nutrient-dense dark, leafy greens are adding energy to our bodies as we get into the hotter season of high calorie burn and muscle exertion. Thank you food!

First of the pea harvest! More to come!
Zucchini squash babes on their way under the lovely flowers.
Four Winds blueberry plants–this picture does not capture the brilliant color!

**Some general starting places for learning how long greens last:
Go for arugula first, then lettuce, then the likes of mustard, broccoli raab, beet or turnip greens, etc.
Thicker leaves often last longer, so kale and chard can wait if needed.
Any root will last a LONG while, especially if you “top” them, or pull off the tops off before storing.
Herbs are different depending on the variety. Basil doesn’t like the fridge much, so if it’s bagged, use it quick! If it’s a bunch, put it in enough water that the stem bottoms are covered and leave it out of the fridge, out of sunlight. Many herbs can be turned upside down in a location with air flow to dry some while you continue using.
Summer favorites like tomatoes, squash, okra, and tomatillos are best kept at room temperature for flavor. Put them in the fridge only if you aren’t going to get to them for a while, or process them into freezing asap!

Most produce does best in a dry plastic or specially designed cloth bag (thank you for bringing your bags back to reuse!) or in an air-tight container. If any greens are looking wilted or dried out, you can “shock” them in cold water for a bit to re-hydrate.

Here’s to evermore abundance,

3 thoughts on “Week 2: Spring Fortification

  1. Thank you for the great tips! I enjoyed my week of greens!

  2. I am amazed that we have the same blood in our veins. You are so much cooler than me, Sweet Lydie.

  3. Hey!

    I saw your notes at the bottom about food usage/waste. A really helpful book for me was “Eating on the Wild Side.”

    Just a thought 🙂

    Love, Renée


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