It’s here!!!

First CSA distribution this week!
(If you didn’t receive an email of the details, you aren’t signed up and you should contact me asap if you’re hoping for a share this season!!)

Maybe it’s the confidence a second season somewhere brings, maybe it’s having an amazing farm business partner to share the load with, maybe I’m growing up. Whatever it is (all of it!), this week is exciting and not stressing me out a bit!

I’m pumped to see you returners and to meet you new folks and to share all this lovely, amazing food.

This week’s potential share items:
Spinach, crisp and abundant
Head Lettuce or lettuce mix, perfectly sized
Green Garlic, flavorful and long
Arugula, mild and tender
Kale, boldly colorful
Chard, so obviously nutrient dense
Mustard Greens, delightful kick of spice
Radishes, brightly varied
Cilantro or micro greens, sweet for topping
Broccoli Raab or braising mix, for braising

beautiful spinach abundance

What was great:
We both had some days to visit with our families for a bit. That’s a serious treat for farmers this time of year and it’s a sweet burst of energy for us to start the CSA season with.

What was hard:
Those hot days are still kicking us in the tail–it just takes so much more energy to move, let alone, move fast. It can be difficult to drink enough water when you need THAT much. Plus, it confused our plants into bolting (producing seed, often the end of eating time for taste buds), ugh!

What made us laugh:
One of the mama cows giving messages to Meghs while another in the herd was giving birth to a new calf!

What we wish was different:
We wish a few of our seedings had been better watered in. The compost in the no-till system can be tricky to keep watered for new seeds to germinate (when the first leaves emerge above the soil to start photosynthesizing and develop roots). Spotty/poor germination is a waste of space when we grow so intensively.

What we’re grateful for:
Having so much to share for the first distribution! It’s always a fear for farmers that there won’t be food, a practice every season in hope and trust. And there is so much beautiful food!

4 thoughts on “It’s here!!!

  1. All those leafy greens; I am drooling! My favorite veggie group! I am going to make little radish-mice to celebrate.

  2. First thing I’m going to make for my CSA bounty is a homemade vegan porcini-infused farfalle (butterfly pasta flavored with mushrooms). I’ll top it with arugula-walnut pesto, garnished with roasted walnuts and microgreens.

    I’ll be looking for advice each week on which produce to eat or prepare first, and which veggies will last through the weekend. Also will be asking when and how to freeze excess. Am open to learning how to can, too, if pointed in the right direction.

  3. This is so great, Lydie! So happy that you are happy!

  4. I love the microgreens on my salads. I pressure cooked the chard for 5 mins. and put a tahini sauce on top. Thanks for the storage recommendations. Can’t wait for the next batch.

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