One Week (Two for some!)

We’ve had our first market in Pine Bush and are looking forward to distributions beginning in one week (two for some of you bi-weekly folks)!

Be on the lookout for a final reminder email with all the details.


What was great:
Getting the transplanting finished with the help of some volunteer hours from dear ones! From now on there will be minimal transplanting as we begin to reap from all that’s been sown.

What was hard:
Managing the to-do list while keeping stress in check!
We’ve been keeping very reasonable work hours so far (thank you, Meghs!), but this is the time we feel the strain of fitting everything into those work hours–staying ahead of weeds, keeping seeding going (plus trying to time it with rain), and getting through transplanting. Farming scheduling is a big puzzle full of unknowns and surprises; one can easily be paralyzed with trying to make the best step instead of just taking A step, even if it isn’t perfect. We’re learning!

What made us laugh:
Singing in the field together and riffing off one another’s silly comments, especially when the Four Winds crew is around to laugh with/at us.

What we wish was different:
I wish we had lettuce for the first market! The few weeks of mostly clouds kept some crops small.

What we’re grateful for:
Those we have memories of.
The folks who have sacrificed time, comfort, and safety to be a member of the military.
Those working for a world where we all share our abundance.



2 thoughts on “One Week (Two for some!)

  1. Can’t wait to find out what you have in store for us Tuesday! It will be great to see you.

  2. Sweet girl, Lydie!

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