The Rush!

We’re passing the “frost-free date” so all the plant babes are getting out into the field, rain or shine!
This weekend was Napa cabbage, flowers, and escarole. Today was fennel, head lettuce, and leeks. Tomorrow is celeriac and summer squash. Soon will be cucumbers and peppers and eggplant! Yummmmmmmmmm!

This time for farmers is full of juggling weather forecasts, tiny transplants, and fitting in all the prep for a whole season to go. It’s many details and lots of predicting; trying to catch the perfect moment without waiting too long to just get the work done.

Checking the crop map or the weather in the field regularly.

I’m going to try a new format with the blog this year sharing about the happenings of the week–we’ll see how it goes.

What was great:
Watching the slow but evident shift into green and bloom everywhere. It’s a beautiful, heart-warming time of the season.

The garlic is outgrowing its hoops and cover.

What was hard:
The few 90 degree days were rough for farmer and plant alike. Many plants see that heat as a sign to start seeding. We made it through, but the swings in temperature have definitely been difficult this spring so far.

What made us laugh:
Surprising Meghs with a burrito bar lunch to celebrate her birthday. She dealt with being the center of attention long enough for us to shower some love on her wonderful self.


What we wish was different:
The farm bill that is currently under discussion Congress! While there are some good parts, many of the resources for new/young and small to mid-scale farmers are being reduced and the SNAP program will be significantly impacted. Organic standards are also a potential (serious) problem! Ask us if you want more info–CSA members are a great source of info for elected officials to hear from about the importance of local, nutritious, responsibly grown food.

Visiting the Stone Barns Center to discuss the current farm bill with Representative Pingree from Maine. Representing the Hudson Valley Young Farmers Coalition chapter.

What we’re grateful for:
Having a community to farm with–it’s so nice to have other folks around while we’re working so hard. We learn from Four Winds experience and bounce ideas off of one another. Plus, just make one another laugh when it’s hard and cry when we need to. I couldn’t do it without these dear ones.

Cleaning and organizing the Hoop House was a big obstacle course.
Pizza sauce all from last season’s bounty: tomatoes, purple basil, parsley, garlic, and onion.
Earth Day fair at Ulster Savings Bank.
Trying to get a good photo is a feat for us.


3 thoughts on “The Rush!

  1. Thank you for all you do!

  2. Lydie girl…You are amazing!. Sissy loves you

  3. Loved the photos and to learn what you’re thinking about! So looking forward to the season and seeing you both!

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