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Spring Awakening

Though today there was snow to remind us the land is still in charge, we can feel the gradual stretching into spring around us.
The skunk/lantern cabbage are sprouted in abundance, the bird sounds are diversifying with those returning and traveling north again, and the soil temperatures are rising to meet the awakening of the seeds.

The first distribution is now just over 2 months away and this is the time when we really start preparing for those moments of big harvest–we’re starting seeds, preparing beds, tightening up the crop plan, and getting irrigation needs inventoried.


If you haven’t signed up for your CSA membership yet, what are you waiting for?! Let us know if you want a spot reserved so we don’t fill up before you’re in!

One of the beautiful things about our community is the variety of people that are members. We surveyed the surveys and are responding as much as we can, though it can be a big puzzle fitting everyone’s different desires together!
We’re hoping for some lovely additions this season–two new tomato varieties and SWEET POTATOES and more types of herbs!
We are limited in ways depending on the yearly crop rotation, but we’re working to do all we can to bring the right blend of variety and consistency–thankfully, due to the years of building, the soil produces quality, nutrient-dense food no matter what we grow!


Meghs and I made the trip to Kingston to get the business officially started!


Clearing the fields of okra, cabbage, and fennel is very different than the summer days of shades of green.


Scotland was beautiful, but here’s the focus of my time really–two amazing nephews.



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