Sharing Thanksgiving

Gardiner at the farm 2-5pm Sunday Nov. 19

Garrison at Winter Hill 4-7pm Monday Nov. 20

ALL MEMBERS, ALL biweekly folks

Since we last saw one another, the season has shifted and we are in full autumn–beautiful, bright, crisp days and chilly, damp, resting days. I hope you’ve been able to soak up the transition and that you’ll have some time to spend with dear ones in the coming weeks. Resized_20171102_171635

I am having a hard time believing the season is finishing up. They were some of the longest days I can remember, but, as always from this side, it has flown by in a way.
I’ve “cried-laughed” with many of you at different points during the season–lamenting, rejoicing, wondering, just expressing. It’s been an unprecedented journey, and I cannot express the honor I feel at having been trusted and supported by you all as a young farmer venturing in a new business.
This CSA model has produced so much more intimacy between producer and consumer than most people would understand; we are changing the systems, dear Members.
Even if you don’t geek-out about the soil teeming with life or the dozens of varieties I’ve tried to grow, you can be assured that supporting the Four Winds methods of food production and the Second Wind methods of financial development is a meaningful, impactful choice.

The farm has given us much for the past 5 months–sweet greens, abundant tomatillos and peppers, a long-haul of tomatoes, pounds and pounds of onions, and a stunning variety of specialty veggies bursting with color, flavor, and nutrients.

This final share of the season will include:
Winter Squash (Butternut, Pumpkin)
Onions (Red, Yellow, and Shallots)
Turnips (4 different varieties!)
Four Winds Carrots
Watermelon Radishes
Lettuce Mix, Arugula, Spicy Mix, Mesclun mix or Spinach
Tatsoi, Komatsuna, or Bok Choy
Mustard Greens or Mizuna
Kale (baby or bunched)
Baby Chard
Parsley (so flavorful! but won’t last long!)
Cabbage or Kohlrabi

Get in touch with me if you don’t know what something is or need a recipe idea!
Four Winds sells at the Rosendale winter market if you are still looking for a market to get your in-season produce from for the cold months.

As I have shared with some of you, I will return to farm for you all again next year!! It will be an even more amazing season with this one under my belt, AND, I will have an amazing farm partner to share the load with from start to finish.
Meghan has worked at Four Winds this season and we’ve already started dreaming for next year.
Here she is to speak for herself:
“Some wise person once said to me, ‘do what makes you happy, not what the world
needs;’ lucky for me, what makes me happy is exactly what the world needs. My name is Meghan Wikberg and I’m originally from Chicago, IL, but moved to NY in April from Colorado where I had been living for the past five years. My path to farming began roughly 7 years ago when I worked on a small farm in Elburn, IL. Although I quickly fell in love with farming, I decided to move to Colorado to obtain a degree in soil science. I was beginning a research career in soil carbon sequestration as a tool for mitigating climate change, but it didn’t take long to realize I preferred working with the land rather than in the lab. I missed the physical and mental challenge of farming; and, most importantly, I missed the connection made with my community.

So I made a decision to be the farmer that implements the best farming practices rather than a person researching the best farming practices. This is how I ended up on a small-scale, no-till farm in the Hudson Valley. As you may know, this region is known for their farming practices, and the model implemented here at Second Wind CSA is at the forefront of modern agriculture. A small, local farm, which implements sustainable management practices is the answer to many of our health, cultural and environmental issues. If you want quality food, which improves the environment and offsets climate change then you’re supporting the right farm. I couldn’t be happier or more proud to
grow quality food for you. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Mr. Mills and I worked hard together to get the garlic planted!
Me during my first season of farming! So young and so much to learn!

I will miss seeing you all over the winter and hope to see you again come spring!
Thank you for sharing this year of farming, feeding, and growing with me.

Sending you all off into the snowy months with love, gratitude, and a big hearty laugh,

4 thoughts on “Sharing Thanksgiving

  1. Wow Lydia, you are amazing! I am humbled to be part of your CSA. Thank you for all you’ve done for and given to us! Your veggies are the best!


  2. Hi Lyds!

    Looking forward to seeing you Sunday! Do you know if any of that amazing raspberry jam will be available?

    Thx for a wonderful season!


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  3. Thanks, Lyds! We look forward to working with you and Meghan next season!

    Janet & Anthony

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Congratulations! You’ve done it!

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