Week 21: Beginning to End

I had my last market of the regular season last weekend.

My market fellows celebrating a great last day.

Our final share is approaching and though I am deeply in need of a rest, it is bittersweet to say goodbye to seeing you all so regularly.

I’ll be starting to clear out, clean up, and prep for next year in the coming weeks.

As a season-end treat, Jay took us for a celebratory day at the Mohonk Mountain House today for invigorating hikes, a huge lunch, and some lovely tours of the place.

This is at the Skytop Tower. We can see it from the farm and today we were on it!
Though it was foggy for the morning, we still enjoyed it.

I am disappointed to share that some of the favorite root veggies–carrots and beets–for the fall have still not sized up to give you another round. I will be talking to Four Winds about carrots for the Thanksgiving Share.
There will be a few parsnips and plenty of Purple Top Turnips and Celeriac root.

Because of the mild temperatures, lots of the greens are still going strong.

Share potentials this week:
Red/White/Pink Radishes
Watermelon Radishes, Tokyo Market (salad) Turnips, or Beets
Purple Top (cooking) turnips or Kohlrabi
Napa, last of the Leeks, Celeriac, or Fennel
Komatsuna, Choi, Endive, or Mustard Greens
Parsley, Cilantro, Sorrel
Arugula or Yukina
Head Lettuce or Lettuce Mix
Kale or Collard Greens
Winter Squash
Onion, Red and Yellow
Garlic, Hard and Soft Neck

Member Kerry and I found these perfect tomatoes hiding in the comfrey leaves when she was helping me harvest for market last week!
Shout out to Members Jen and Ray for hosting our cozy brunch at their home last weekend–yummy food, farm talk, and a music tour!

With sore muscles and a full heart,

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