Week 20: Frost A-Comin’

Today was a full day of preparing for the forecast of frost overnight tonight. Phew.
Hooping and covering greens, harvesting as needed, sorting and storing, lifting heavy containers, making lists, counting, thinking ahead, trying to remember back, stressing, just moving along, asking for help, depending on help, crying a bit, calling my grandma for encouragement, and being very productive.


This week’s share possibilities:
Green Tomatoes (try frying or currying them!)
The end of the Peppers
The end of the Eggplant
Lots of Garlic, hard and soft, see recipe below
2# of onions! (not for long storing, use em’ up as quick as you’d like)
A mini winter squash: Honeynut butternut, Black Futsu pumpkin, or Acorn (not for long storing…)
Celeriac Root, Watermelon Radishes, or Leeks
Cherry Belle radishes
Scallions, Choi, or Komatsuna
Turnip Greens
Head Lettuce or Lettuce Mix
Arugula or Wild Rocket
Kale or Collard Greens
Tulsi or Sorrel

I sent TULSI basil with a dear friend and I’ve got her making tea–so sweet and healing to start, perk up, or end your day with!

Here’s a recipe to make nourishing, fortifying garlic soup:

And I am looking forward to making this one that a market customer suggested, Italian Onion Pie:

The turnip greens are so tender right now that you could cut them up for salad. but here’s one idea for cooking them up for a warm treat:

A run-away arugula plant!

Breathing in the silence of cold,


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